Unification News for March 2004

Jerusalem Video on Web

by Charles, Eleonore and Renata de Watteville

On our website www.unificationstudy.com you will find a link to Israel Peace Rally videos ( www.unificationstudy.com/Jerusalem.html ). We have added a 7-minute clip of video that Eleonore took during the December March & Rally in Jerusalem.

On our Jerusalem web page you will see three videos that we use to share and educate about the Jerusalem event.

1. A 2 minute intro by Bento Leal at a San Leandro prayer breakfast,

2. The 5 minute "Beyond the Cross" video from HQ, and

3. Our own new 7-minute home video from December.

For each video there is one video clip with 60 Kbps for computers with slower Internet connections and one with 102 Kbps is for faster Internet connections.

We also have a 17 minutes expanded version of the Jerusalem March & Rally available. It contains more video clips of the march, the rally, excerpts of different speakers, some of the holy sites in Israel (Bethlehem, Galilee) and a few clips of a clean-up project of the SFP (Service for Peace) in a Palestinian town near Jerusalem. We have a lot more footage but we tried to keep it short so it would be easier to share with contacts.

If you would like a video tape copy of the 17 minute video, we are asking for a US $5.00 donation plus the cost of shipping.

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