Unification News for February 2004

Opening Ceremony for the Cheongshim Graduate School

With a heart of loyalty toward the True Parents of mankind, an opening ceremony for Cheongshim Graduate School was held on Wednesday January 28, 2004. As a graduate school covering the unification of theologies and the study of the life and work of True Parents, it aims to bring about Godís Ideal on earth by going beyond interreligious and international boundaries.

Executive members and staff members of the graduate school and Cheongpyoung workshop participants -- a crowd of 500 people -- gathered in front of the main building of the graduate school at Cheongpyoung for the opening ceremony.

Dr. Hwang Sun-Jo, the president of FFWPU International was the master of ceremonies. He warmly guided all steps of the ceremonies: True Parents entrance, the tape-cutting, sanctification of the building, writing a declaration in calligraphy for the opening of the school, singing the national anthem, the invocation (by Rev. Yu Dae-Heng), a report on the development of the school (by Ha Yong-Ho, vice president of the Cheongpyung Training Center), the Introduction of guests, a congratulatory song by Professor Kim Mi-Ran), presentation of flowers (by Jo Kwang-bong and Hiromi Nakazima), a speech (by True Father) a congratulatory cake cutting, three cheers of mansei, announcements, and a closing ceremony.

After the tape-cutting, True Parents entered the main lobby and, after the invocation and sanctification, wrote the declaration, which literally means (practicing, leading and serving the virtue, being blessed and developing eternally.)

The construction of the main building and other buildings started on July 2001 and ended on August 2003. The school is approved by the Korean Ministry of Education

After completing all the preparation, the first forty students will start their courses on March 2, 2004. The courses will be on Theology, True Parents Studies, Study of the Unification of Theologies, and Church Administration.

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