Unification News for February 2004

True Parents' Birthday - Birthday Celebration (2)

Rev. Jenkins
January 27, 2004 - Seoul, Korea

True Love abounds through True Parents !! That's why Muslims, Christians, Jews, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian - all of God's Children come to feel deeply comfortable when they understand True Parents heart, teaching and practice. That's why peace is sure to come in the Holy Land as both Palestinians and Israelis feel deep love and understanding from True Parents !!

President Remengesau and Vice President Mumba joined together with the Venerable Woon San Lee of the Taegojong Buddist Order in giving congratulatory remarks. They each, in their own way praised True Parents for unifying religions, bringin moral values into the process of governance and most importantly how they are blessing and healing the marriages and the families of the world.

Gifts were presented from each Continent of the World by the Continental directors and leaders of the providential nations. Most notably the current President of the Philippines sent a very special gift in honor of True Parents.

True Parents gave the main address. It was powerful and captivating.

God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom. Father proclaimed with absolute confidence that the Dream of God and Humanity that the Kingdom of God will come on the earth is now realized.

Father said he couldn't proclaim this lightly but only on the basis of spiritual conditions and substantial accomplishments that allow both heaven and earth to affirm this.

Father guided all the leaders of the world there to understand that "Power will not bring Peace" Peace can only come by loving your enemy. This brings reconciliation and True Love.

We then had a beautiful program of entertainment from all over the world. Many second generation have developed professional performing groups. From Hip Hop to Classical Opera to Modern Korean Ballet it was rich and enjoyable. Hyo Jin Nim gave a very moving performance and demonstrated profound love for True Parents and humanity.

Chris Allen Deflinger and Cindy Yoktore represented America beautifully.

Happy Birthday True Parents.

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