Unification News for February 2004

UTS Winter Workshop

Cliff Yasutake

At UTS, Barrytown, New York, we had 2 workshops, one for High school age 2nd Generation from December 26th to 29th and the other from December 29 - 31, 2003 for Middle school ages. For both age groups, the lecturers were Rev. John Jackson and Robert Kittel.  The theme of both workshops was Chapter two and abstinence education.  Also, Mrs. Betsy Jones, Liz Stewart and Clint Woods participated by giving educational and inspiring talks with a hello and short talk by Rev. In Soo Kim.  The students in both workshops listened attentively and also had free time to explore the 250 acres of Barrytown property, play sports, board games were popular and practiced their skits which were given on entertainment night. There were 80 participants for the high school w/s and 40 for the Middle school workshop.  There was also a small workshop of Youth Ministers from the New York Region going on simultaneously.  Rev. Kim was inspired by the workshops and told us to continue our outreach to the 2nd Generation.

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