Unification News for February 2004

Texas Regional Youth Shimjung Workshop

This past December 27th to December 30th, the Texas Regional Youth Winter Workshop took place with 56 attendants and gathered for the "Faith under God and Uniting Brothers and Sisters" program.

At the workshop, four lectures on the Divine Principles were given by Reverend Kille. Other special speeches were given by Mr. Ken Morgan and DJ Brewer (Texas Sunhwa Academy Director). As for activities, sports, team-discussions, yut-nori and a candle ceremony took place at the workshop.

This workshop was the first ever to join all Texas Regions in one event. The attendants consisted mainly of students from junior high school to college. Additional people such as staff members and chaperones also attended.

The college students from Austin, Dallas and Houston joined and established the CARP of the Texas Region. Topics about additional future meetings were the primary highlights of the CARP discussions.

After the winter workshop took place, I promised myself to make more and improved programs to develop an enhanced understanding of God and True Parents for the second generation

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