Unification News for December 2003 and January 2004

21st Day of Victory of Love

This speech was given on January 2, 2004 at the Cheugpyung Training Center, Korea

This year is the year of fatherland and the era of peace kingdom, that is why we proclaimed all this things. If you go to fatherland without knowing and understanding these things you will be caught. Please understand these completely and as the sons and daughter of God, put your effort in practicing and bring these words into action. Since we are all one family, you have to be able to convey this message to others, so that they can be able to proclaim these message, like Heungjin nim, make this into a message, so that can be a reality.

The age to believe in this reality has passed and now is the age we have to know this reality. That is why we have to know the content (of the message from Heungjin nim), which will decide whether going to shining bright heaven or the dark hell. Therefore you must not hesitate in going into the road. You yourself must know where to go, and there is no excuse for not going ... you must be able to make the decision whole heartedly, and raise your life style on to the Fatherland. This is your responsibility.

So with this resolution and determination, even though I have mentioned it many time but we are reading these messages in the beginning of this year, so that we can make a great leaps and a revolution of hears. You know that body dominate the heart and conscious, now your heart and conscious must overcome the body, which was under the dominion of Satan, and be able to connect in unity with God. Since God is able to stand in the position of authority, He may now settle all the environment and factors around him.

Father was able to liberate God through the Coronation ceremony and open the way so that you can walk that path as the filial sons and daughters, royal family, saints and divine sons and daughters in this world.

This message were reported correctly and acutely, and if there are not correct, if what Heungjin nim said is a lay the even True Parents will be caught because of that lay. The greatest of all treasures in unification families is being able to receive the messages from the spirit world. All the fact that father has discovered on earth you must understand completely.

For that to happened the revolution of heart as the revolution of conscious must take place externally and internally, so that your mind and body can be absolutely one and united, and so you can live a life for the sake of others centering on God's tradition, connected to God's Love, Life and Blood lineage ...

With out these words from the spirit world God's kingdom can not be accomplished. When you are awake, during meals, when sleep during your dreams, you have to be able to understand this things with joy, break down the walls in the spirit world and be able to stand as the sons and daughters of liberated God. Standing in that liberated position in front of God, you can become the patriot, filial sons and daughters, saints and divine sons and daughters. You must be able to go beyond every things that father indemnified for the restoration. Only when you can stand in that position, you can become the prince and princess of the culture of heart, Amen. Do you understand?

The greatest treasure of the unificationist is to be able to know the reality of the spirit world and its position in front of physical world. As well as to be able to listen to the message from the spirit world. This is not a dream; this is a true reality if you can know these things! With God and five great saints from the spirit world, Heungjin nim is giving report to convey the reality and progress of the spirit world...

We reached the level of the revolution of conscious and beyond that is the revolution of heart. Finally all the millions of the barriers and boundaries which were the obstacle and blocking my path, can be destroyed 8 When you are going to spirit world, do not say, True Parents! Why am I here? That will be a legal time, where everything is governed by law and principles and because of this God could not forgive Adam and Eve for the mistake. If God could compromise that law, his love would also be compromised. Therefore God has gone through providence facing all hardship, troubles and sufferings unrelentingly. Even though his son was died in the cross, still he has to go that way.

Now as I am in the position of son to God, with the authority of prince and princess, I take responsibility for all the things which was left behind as well as the responsibility of all the blessed families going over the line of death, do you understand? I am advising you about these things to you, therefore please become the prince and princess of the revolution of heart. It is not about the revolution of conscience, with this you can not unite your mind and body. Your mind and body still struggle, didn't they? Mind and body have to be one, Man and woman have to be one for the sake of each other and be able to stand in the position of sons and daughters to inherit that kingdom for thousand of years. And give birth to sons and daughter who are even better than that 8

Do you know how vast is the spirit world? A trillion larger than our entire galaxy, it is unlimited infinite universe that God has created. Do you want to live in spirit world's hometown where God lives or you want to live in a place which is larger than that of father's? Do you all want to live together with father? Then you have to live in a place grater than that of father? God is the same, he wants his sons and daughter to be greater than himself, isn't that so? Parents always want their sons and daughters to live greater than themselves, is not that a truth? A wife also would like her husband to live in a better place than hers, that has been God's underlain truth.

What is the most important among love, life and hope? Among these three, love is the greatest. In the completed testament age we are talking about absolute love, absolute life and absolute obedient, so this must be absolutely infested so that the people on earth can live accordingly 8 in a way God can bring them all the way up to heaven where the absolute love, absolute life and absolute obedient can be brought about. Unless you live a life absolute investment and absolute forgetting, living for the sake of others, you can not inherit his love and you can not reach the center of the universe in ruling it and become sons and daughter of God. And unless you have that revolution of heart you can not encompass the vast universe. God is trying to truly hand down this truly vast universe to us ... all of what True Parents of heaven and earth were doing is truly amazing.

Heungjin nim can not do anything on his own, he is doing these things because father instructed him to pioneer this way. Because of false parents, false life and false lineage Heavenly Father was in a very miserable passion. Do you know how much Satan trapped God that way, because of the evil and sins? Without True Parents everything would end up in hell but because True Parents came and revealed all these things, this became a great revolution. 

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