Unification News for December 2003 and January 2004

A Birthday Celebration for Jesus the King of Israel

Dae Mo Nim
January 3, 2004

A birthday celebration for Jesus was held at Chung Pyung Training Center on January 3rd, 2004, at 7:00a.m. After the coronation ceremony for Jesus as the King of Israel, which was held on December 22, 2003, January 3rd, 2004 is the first day in which Jesus' birthday was celebrated as the king of Israel for the first time in history. For Hoon Dok Hae Rev. Kwak read True Father's speech [title: The New Future of Christianity] which was given on September 18, 1974 at Madison Square Garden. Then Dae Mo Nim gave this short report regarding Jesus' situation during his coronation ceremony.

When we began the Chung Pyung providence, True Father said that it is the restored and perfected Garden of Eden. Father instructed that in this perfected Garden, mankind be created as well. To do this, I had the opportunity to look at the spiritual world from hell to heavenly kingdom and my responsibility was to know everything about the spiritual world.

It took me three years to know about Satan and evil correctly. To help the people in this training center in order to be perfected, I made the indemnity condition and I went to spiritual world. I felt so much pain when I looked at the spiritual world and the physical world. Originally we were created to live joyfully but it did not happen.

After the fall God has sent central figures, but because of evil, the spiritual world is not a comfortable place as we may think. We may think there are Paradise and the heavenly Kingdom, but it is not. Evil realm developed so strongly and even took over the paradise, and so almost 80% of the spiritual world is under the evil and Satan. Such a world this place has become, it is a very strong world in its own, and you can think this way. When you see even a small light there you would run for it, with this you can feel how people are in spiritual world.

True Parents are on earth right now. We are on earth and as we are attending them we know how precious they are. But more than that if you see True Parents in the spirit world, they appear with a greater value… Then we realize that how well we should attend them.

Even though True Parents made a lots of indemnity conditions, letting us to have only small amount of condition, but we did not fulfill our responsibility and that is why True Parents course became so difficult. When you see all the things True Parents have done and how much we did and how we have been, you will see clearly that what True Parents are doing are much more ahead of schedule, like the coronation of God’s Kingship, Family Kingship. According to their standard it was delayed, therefore they think they should have done it earlier but because we did not fulfill our responsibility, it was delayed and according to that still they did it 3 years earlier. It was the same with Abel UN as well.

When we met the 4 major religious founders (in the spirit world) they said that how precious True Parents are. (I was thinking) how strong they feel about it and how they are so confident in specking about our True Parents’ precious value.

We should know about them, who are they, what they say and etc. They said they can only respect True Parents, because True Parents have true love. True Parents came based on true love and the love they are giving us is so great. They know about the original sin but the religious founders did not know about it. This is the difference between True Parents and the religious founders. That is why they accept how precious True Parents are.

At the time of blessing the religious founders were so happy, they were so grateful and they promise to work hard in spirit world. They promise to work hard in order to resolve and untangle everything on earth, and understanding the divine principle. They are thinking deeply how to teach and they are so grateful to our True Parents.

Christians and the Christian culture supposed to be restored during 1992 to 1994. We have been working hard from December 22 to 25 to resolve and untangle the things. On December 22nd at midnight all of a sudden Heungjin nim said Jesus will come on December 23rd at midnight, and they will speak about the great thing which is going to happen between those periods. On that night Jesus came and I asked what are you going to do? Then he said that True Parents have resolved my resentment and blessed me and I am feeling so grateful. I never thought that my coronation can be done, he said. He was so grateful and during the ceremony he was talking to those who were there that how much he is happy. But they could not understand so I came here and Jesus told me that all True Parent’ wish is to save humankind from sickness and misery in the spiritual world and the physical world. That is why I want to pay back something to True Parents and so during the holy song session I want to do the healing.

When we read about Jesus work in the bible we think that it happened just like that, but actually the healing happened after the evil spirit was removed. In order for blind to see to or the deaf to hear, was done just like the Chungpyung. What he did was done together with angels. This time together with the angels who worked with him in the past and those angels who supported the disciples, and Heung Jin Nim they did "ansoo" to us and cleared up the evil spirits during the holy song session on December 24th and 25th. Many miracles accorded at that time and I wished many peoples from around the world could participate, but it had happened all of sudden…

Jesus thanked our True Parents and said that every thing will be different from the year 2004; God’s sovereignty will be established and True Parents will proclaim about peace. From now on God will express his almightiness. Jesus said, he wants to do something in response to what True Parents have done for him. He is grateful for he was remembered. Even this morning at this celebration Jesus said as True Parents held birthday celebration for me I want to make sure that they can see me doing something for them. So that they never regret for giving me such great celebration.

I have seen Jesus in the spirit world but this morning he is so happy. As you know Jesus is gentle mannered while he speaks and his action is gentle always but after the coronation ceremony he is looking so strong and confident. I know that for all our members and the people of the world, especially those who are sick, there will occur many great miracles. And one more history can be made by Jesus.

Our member will be able to accomplish the purpose of the blessing. This is our time, we have our God, our True Parents and there are absolute good spirits, angels and saints surrounding us. If we just work hard, as God and True Parents want us to go out and work for 3 hours to restore neighbors around us, we will bring victory. We can go to spiritual world only with our merits and what we have done for God. So we have to be able to create more merits during our life time here on earth. So that True Parents who are working so hard and living for us completely, can feel happy.

From now on none of us has to live a poor life begging Satan to look at us to how well we do (for him), but we should be loved by God.

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