Unification News for December 2003 and January 2004

Donít Loose Momentum With Pilgrimages

by Prof. Eliezer Glaubach-Gal

Please donít loose momentum with coming to us in Israel on Pilgrimages. We need you in masses because we here do realize the change of atmosphere towards removing the barriers between the Abrahamic religions which also moves the political leaders of Palestine and Israel towards building bridges for Peace. However in the meantime the reality is so sad.

Rivers of tears flow in the streams of the Holy Land and the sacred River Jordan, tears over the victims and their suffering families; tears on the helplessness and loss of orientation and out let, on the nonsense and despair; tears pouring from mothers and fathers, Palestinian and Israelis of orphans and people whoís personal world got lost; tears of thousands of funerals wounded and handicaps on negligence of leaders on their untruths and lies. Tears over the culture of enmity and revenge and war.

It seems that we accept to live with those disasters, but we donít. We cry-out loudly for no more! No more!

Your spiritual pilgrimages do hit strongly the minds of the politicians and give real hope

For removing barriers of fear and open the hearts, and this way end foundations of religious hatred, national and ethnic hatred in the Middle East and also elsewhere i.e. Kashmir, East Timor, Balkans, Philippines etc.

So please regard your efforts as sacred missions, which you anyway do, mainly relationship to that pilgrimages to our area, since we do witness the beginning of spiritual change within the nations that dwell in the Holy Land.

This change leads no doubt the so desired and necessary spiritual transformation among political leaders and the nations concerned.

We do realize that our hearts shout strongly when we think of the seeds of hope you are planting here around; so please again donít loose momentum because the chance is enormous that due to your pilgrimages and your activities when you are here more things change. Please, Then, come in masses and quick! And we stand by you forever like always.

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