Unification News for December 2003 and January 2004

Bishop Stallings has Written a Fine Book

by Rev. Michael Jenkins

Archbishop Stallings has published a book that is well worth reading. It is entitled, "I Am... living in the rhythm of the god within in the key of g minor. An inspiration that began years ago but through his work with the ACLC it blossomed. They are selling fast all over the country.

It is rich with insights from a Christian perspective and that a leader who has now been blessed by True Parents and is leading the way for Christians to establish Blessed Central Families.

He acknowledges True Parents in the Acknowledgments and quotes Father's words. It is really great. Some chapters that are so relevant to our work to unify Christianity are "Praying in Your Own Name is as Old as Methuselah" and "True Love and marriage are made in heaven."

True Parents were very happy when the Archbishop presented a copy to them . Bishop Stallings, Bishop C. Phillip Johnson and Rev. Edwards were among the first to stand with True Parents and confirm Jesus' anointing of Father as the Messiah during the Clouds of Witnesses revelations last year. He has been unwavering in his faith. His Bishops have embraced his calling and are studying the Principle. The Head Bishop and Dean of Imani (the Mother church) of the African American Catholic Congregation has also taken a leading position.

Dr. Yang and I sincerely request that all families get a copy for your library. We are encouraging Bishop Stallings to take the books with him when he comes for ACLC meetings.

He is a hero of the Cheon Il Guk era. He is fearless and faithful. He and Sayomi have a son named by True Father - Shin Young George Augustus Stallings. He had the courage to step out of the box and as a major Afro Centric Christian leader and central figure - when he was called by God he even went beyond his race to expand beyond all boundaries. Another child is now coming.

Key African American leaders respected his calling and said of the marriage -- "It is a marriage that God has ordained."

Bishop Stallings courage and heart led him to be the central Christian representative to repent for the history of Christianity's lack of love for the Jews and to call upon the Rabbi to stand with him to repent for not fulfilling our responsibility to embrace one another and to now open the door to embrace Jesus and reconcile our faiths. With that calling the Rabbi came forward saying I will stand with you if the Imam comes forward to join us. The Imam came forward with the help of Sheikh Ali Birani the Druze leader and the three sons of Abraham signed the historic Jerusalem Declaration. This became the condition upon which all could be forgiven by God and the foundation for the fourth Israel was created.

We wholeheartedly support this great man of God. Let this book be blessed. Father signed it the day after he returned from Korea.

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