Unification News for November 2003

Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden - November 24, 2003

Rev. Jenkins  (11/25/2003 4:33:43 PM)
True Parents
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
November 24, 2003

Rev. Kwak's Prayer after Hoon Dok Hae at the Breakfast Table

We are grateful to God and True Parents and grateful to have the parents of heaven and earth who teach us to unite our heart and mind. We are so grateful to have a True teacher. Now the whole of humanity must receive this teaching, once they do the whole world will be turned around.

Many in the world, including ourselves don't understand. Many times we couldn't do our job properly. Even though without wavering you continue to teach us, love and guide us with such unchanging investment and heart. There is such a gap between us. We can see your agonizing heart. Your heart is so deeply urgent for the saving of humanity and to end the suffering that is going on in the world. We realize that we must comfort your heart by saving humanity. Please allow us to realize and fulfill our responsibility before True Parents and all of humanity. Today I want to make a joint declaration with everyone here. Let us be crazy to convey Father's heart to the world through our activities and our daily life.

Through planting that we want to develop quickly. All the key leaders of America could join this Hoon Dok Hae and we can wake up America and guide the world. You want the Peace UN to be bold and strong. We will do our best. On December 22nd there will be a Peace Rally in Israel. This must be done according to True Father's vision for peace. No one will accuse us in this battle, everyone wants us to succeed. We need to make a clear determination this morning. Please truest us. Please True Parents of Heaven and Earth. We pray that you will receive all the glory and honor.

Father: (Father moved to the main room with the state leaders, Carp leaders and the ALC leaders) Dr. Yang will summarize yesterdays meeting:

Dr. Yang:

Father came back to America after 40 days and after having established the IIPC in Korea. We are deeply grateful to True Parents. Yesterday, we had a long education with True Parents. Father wants to create a clear connection between America and Korea.

The key contents of the providence are contained in the three key speeches:

Owners of Recreation - August 15, 2003

The New Elimination of Boundaries and World Peace, October 3, 2003

Let us Establish the Peace Kingdom through the

Peace United Nations, October 15, 2003

The IIPC is the biggest organization of all of our movement combined. America is the most important country in the world at this time. We delivered the Presidents Message to 20 % of the population. When we made the proclamation of the Clouds of Witnesses they were shocked. But they overcame and became so much stronger. This was the will of God.

Father is 1000 steps ahead of us we are far behind and many times we make True Parents suffer because we don't understand our authority and we don't have confidence to do God's will.

We read the messages of the spiritual world and then we read the messages of Heung Jin Nim from January 1, 2003 and from September 3, 2003. Father established DMN and HJN in the Cheong Pyeong Providence. This is a central and main providence for purification and for ourselves and for the blessing of our ancestors. Also we were commissioned by Father to carry the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine and the Cheon Il Guk Holy Salt. Salvation will come through grace. We must now become the messenger through the Tong Ban Kyok Ba system of breaking through in every neighborhood. This is absolutely essential. Whoever we meet we will give Holy Wine. Wherever Rev. Kwak goes he always gives the blessing through the Holy Wine.

Now we must fulfill our responsibility in Gaza. Gaza means "Let's Go" in Korean. Gaza, Gaza. We want to go to Gaza and liberate Gaza. We want to bring Ishmael and Isaac together in peace. 1200 Clergy have signed the declaration to "Take Down The Cross".

Now theologians are studying Father's teaching. Many are having revelations that the cross was not the will of God. We had conferences at Georgetown University, Union Theological Seminary, Howard University, The Islamic Center of Passaic County and again at Union Theological Seminary again. Dr. Cain Hope Felder was at first taken aback by the idea of ending the cross, however, when he studied it, he was turned around completely. He realized that it was not the early symbol of Christianity but was rather instituted by the Emperor Constantine and was used to conquer. The first symbol was the sign of the fish. He is now standing strong to support this providence. 1200 Clergy have now signed the "End of the Era of the Cross" Resolution.

True Parents incredible indemnity course has opened up this providence.

Rev. Kwak:

Father's ideal is always centering on God's perspective. Father is dividing all these things completely. Now Father is taking down the border lines. Father is taking down the border lines on every level. This is the final page of God's providence. We followed Father's teaching but we are still far from the standard of Father's way. Now we must unify heaven and earth. Our realm of life must be totally changed upside down based on the new era of Heaven and Earth. That is the original tradition and condition that we must attain.

We must now go beyond religion and beyond the banner of all faiths. Now we are in the time of returning to the Garden of Eden. Why then did Father create the Family Party. Cheon Il Guk is the vertical line from heaven. The fourth Israel is the horizontal nation that exists substantially on earth. Cheon Il Guk relates with lineage. Without lineage we cannot make the fourth Israel. The Hope of all history is the Fourth Israel. The fourth Israel is the core of the first three Israels. There is noting like this in history. All the proclamations and activity is on the cosmic level. To substantialize the fourth Israel we must do the Tong Ban Kyok Ba (breakthrough on the neighborhood level). We must bless everyone on the neighborhood level.

On July 14th Father proclaimed the end of the era of Indemnity. What does this mean. Without the course of True Parents there was not way to be blessed and share the same blood lineage as God. Without indemnity there was no way that God could connect with man after the fall. Indemnity is clearly the way that man can be reconnected with God. All religions actually practice this but they do not understand it. The indemnity course is the way that we can connect with God. It is the only way. We must indemnify the fall.

However, when Father is now proclaiming the end of the era of indemnity it means we are entering an era in which man can be reconnected to God through grace which may only require the smallest condition. (That is drinking the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine). True Parents are the only ones who have fulfilled the indemnity course and finalized it before heaven and earth.

If front of this proclamation all the era of indemnity is finished. It means that now we can move very rapidly to accomplish the will of God. He is now the King of Kings and the ruler of the Earth - from God's perspective. Although Father loves us deeply, his position has changed and it is the era of our responsibility. We must take full responsibility to fulfill God's will at this time.

This year is the year that Father emphasized the most that the three Israels are one before God and now. The first Proclamation - The Jerusalem Declaration , the Washington Declaration and the Seoul Declaration - then Father proclaimed the Fourth Israel. Then he sent us back to Israel again and we worked to bring Ishmael and Isaac together. Then he is sending us back to Israel again to make the proclamation on December 22nd.

The UN initiative did not work. The Philippines did not find support for the unity of church and state. America also did not support the effort.

Therefore the Peace UN was formed. This the era in which this must be established. That's why Father is sending the Peace UN to Gaza and to Israel to bring peace in the Middle East.

While Father was in Korea he focuses on several key points:

44th Anniversary of the True Children's Day was held on October 25th.

Father's title changed to

Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity.

Every couple must have three children.

What does this mean. If Adam and Eve only had two children and all generations only had two children then it would not expand beyond that family. It would always have been brothers and sisters together.

We are "Representatives" of True Parents

Based on taking responsibility we will receive True Parents blessing and the blessing of heaven.

One Heart, One Mind and Body, One Mindset

Gaza is our Destiny.

Father invited 84 Ambassadors from the world. They represent the 7 nations that were enemies. They were given such a blessing and special mission. The Vatican was a small city in the nation. Just a small city in the nation.

They do have embassies. It happened slowly. We are moving rapidly.

Father made so many Ambassadors for Peace. So far 49 nations have embassies. America will have a Peace Embassy but also we should make special embassies connected with each ethnic group living in America. Pakistani, French, England etc.

The Unified Way - Father's direction

1. The Spiritual Message must go to every President and Religious Leader We must unify with this spiritual message first. We must educate all these things to the members.

2. Purity - No Drugs, No Alchohol, No smoking , no free sex.

3. Tong Ban Kyok Ba - This is life or death Father said. It is the tool to make a life and death heartistic relationship with people. This is for America, not just Korea. It is for all nations. It means reaching the neighborhood and relatives.

4. Burn up yourself for the Providence. People have burned themselves up for protest in history. We should not do this. But we should reach the same fervor and desperation of heart to totally burn ourselves up for the providence.

(Father asked Rev. Kwak to report on China):

China is going to have the Olympics but there is a big problem - they don't have religious freedom. They need religious freedom. South Korea was a nation like China and yet evolved with religious freedom. Father is creating a large Harbor in Uruguay. China is interested to buy it. China is also very interested in the Panama Canal. America must pay attention to the opportunity that Father is giving to America.


Christianity doesn't understand China. China is showing great interest and support for me now. America better hurry up. We will unite with China and bring America into unity the world could be united very quickly. America doesn't understand this perspective. That is why we are working in Hawaii. With schools and other activities.

The American Government and all organizations and the Russian leaders and all organizations should support the peace council. All intelligence organizations (CIA/ KGB etc. ) should support the peace council. They know that it is the right thing.

Now it is the end of indemnity we can work with any nation and work through WANGO to reach all nations. Now there is no secret in the world. Tan Ban Kyok Ba should happen quickly and then you can bless them. I cannot abandon this country of America. I can't abandon the first or the second Israel. I've done everything that I can do for America. I have done everything possible.

If you don't go this way India and Pakistan may go against America. Many political leaders are only worried about their own election and are not worried about the world at all. I came to America alone and made this foundation.

I made the Washington Times and America didn't support. Now you can turn America around. I cannot wait until you accomplish your mission. As the Second Israel, you must embrace Judaism and follow True Parents. If you don't America will perish.

Do you understand this point. You must do your best to make this Elder Son nation rise up. As the representatives of the Second Israel you must be responsible to unite the first, second and third Israel.

Centering on Capitol Hill, the key figures in Washington must be won over. As representatives of Jesus Christ you must bring victory. Father will go back to Korea and create the Lasting Love conference in Korea with the 37 nations of Korea. Dr. Yang will do this in America.

I went through the valley of the shadow of death. Only God protected my life. No one know.

Father gave direction from his book: August 18, 2003

1. Cheon Il Guk and the Fourth Israel Perfection

2. November 23rd - The Providence through the special proclamation conference.

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