Unification News for November 2003

STF Explodes to the Worldwide Level

New Educational Materials for Second Generation are Now Available

"This experience will remain in me for my whole life. We are second generation! Letís live Godís dream!" - STF member at the closing meeting of the Assembly.

Thanks to Hyun Jin Nimís leadership, over the past 2 years, second generation education and training has rapidly advanced to a whole new dimension. The STF International Assembly came as the culmination of the past 2 years of STF development under Hyun Jin Nimís guidance in the U.S.. The STF originated in the U.S., and expanded to Europe, Japan, and Korea.

Excited STF members from Korea, Japan, USA and Europe gathered with great enthusiasm at Sun Moon University in Chun-an, Korea for their first historical International Assembly, from July 7-12th. For months they had been preparing to meet with Hyun Jin Nim at the Assembly, and to meet with their brothers and sisters from different countries. World CARP Korea, led by Mr. Kyoung Hyo Kim, President of World CARP-Korea, hosted this event with tremendous investment of heart and excitement.

On the first day, over 500 STF members were greeted by Mr. Jin Man Kwak, Executive Vice President of World CARP. He outlined the purpose to everyone, which was to deepen our vertical alignment by meeting with Hyun Jin Nim, to share experiences and build a sense of international teamwork, to receive heavenly wisdom and inspiration through presentations and testimonies, and to then take off with new determination and ownership of the STF vision and culture of heart. Each member received a beautiful STF yearbook from International STF Director, Mr. Ittetsu Aoki.

One of the highlights of the Assembly was a presentation by Akiko Ikeno , one of our most outstanding leaders among second generation, and International Ambassador for Service for Peace. She spoke of Hyun Jin Nimís trust in the STF members and his concern and determination to train and educate all second generation. "Hyun Jin NIm believes in you as the seeds of a new revolution of heart!" Another theme of her talk was "It is not only you who is out there on the front-line. Be the one who fulfills what the first generation and all the saints in history gave themselves for. Behind you someone prayed for a savior to come. That savior Ė that son or daughter of God and hope for the future - is you. Please inherit Godís Providence and be the vanguard of the culture of heart."

On the second day of the Assembly, members shared impressive video reports on the activities of STF in their countries, and then their testimonies of meeting God and the heart of True Parents and True family on the front line, through witnessing and fundraising. Many testimonies reflected their tearful experiences of Godís love and a deep heartistic connection with Hyun Jin Nim. Later that day, as they sang to prepare for Hyun Jin Nimís speech, the whole room exploded with energy and excitement, with STF Japan taking the lead in jumping on top of their chairs and calling out to their brothers and sisters of Korea, US and Europe. When Hyun Jin Nim arrived to greet a room full of excited STF members, all dressed in their black STF T-shirts, his first words were to express how deeply he was moved and energized by their spirit. In his speech, Hyun Jin Nim outlined the Core Values and his determination to fulfill Godís desire to restore Godís nation, together with the second generation and the youth of CARP.

The Korean People

Filled with energy and blessings of Godís words and love, the international STF team members went out for the next three days to fundraise from CARP centers all throughout Korea. STF brothers and sisters of international pairs became closer and closer in heart as they went out with socks, and donation boxes, to fundraise the buses, shops and apartments of their local areas.

Upon their return to Sun Moon University, STF members attended the Mr. and Miss University Pageant and the World CARP Convention, where again Hyun Jin Nim expressed his confidence and inspiration to the STF teams. At their final meeting together, tearful testimonies reflected the transformation these members experienced in such a short and powerful time they had spent together. One brother said, "I didnít realize how I was growing until I came here. God and spirit world are always working with us." Another testified, "I realized how much Hyun Jin Nim loves and believes in us. I can see it when I look at you - such a heart of true love in my brothers and sisters." One sister expressed that especially in the Japanese members, she felt incredible spirit and heart, and love and sacrifice for God and True Parents. "When we are all united like this, we are living out Hyun Jin Nimís dream. Now I can see my potential and what I lack too. I have something to reach for. It is more real to me now, when I see Hyun Jin Nim and he says, ĎIf I am a betting man, I will bet on STF!í "

Good News

As a result of the developments taking place in STF training and workshops, a whole series of videos and DVDís are now available to use for second generation education. These include precious speeches of Hyun Jin Nim, advanced DP lectures given by Rev. Phillip Schanker at major STF workshops, and introductory lectures given by Rev. Kevin Thompson at the kickoff workshop, as well as numerous profound and moving testimonies by STF members about their experiences meeting God and actualizing the Divine Principle on the front-line.

Witness the transformations taking place in the hearts of our second generation, and share in the wonderful educational resources by contacting the address below to order your own professionally edited videos and DVDís.

Here is the contact info: email - stfusa@worldcarp.org. phone 510-259-1139. address - P.O. Box 3068, Hayward, CA 94545. All the above are to the attention of Shinji Nakamura.

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