Unification News for November 2003

Divine Principle Study in Northern California

by Kevin Thompson

Divine Principle study nights are an integral part of our church calendar. Every week we have an average of 150 participants, parents and children gather together to hear lectures on Principle and the recent providential directions from True Parents.

This program was started by Bento Leal in his own home as he was teaching his own children and a few other Blessed Children. When we got our new church in 1998 then we were able to expand the program to a church wide weekly event. It has become a major part of our 2nd Generation education strategy. Coupled with the ongoing middle and high school workshops we are trying to guide our children towards the Blessing and a life of faith with ownership with our True Parents.

Each week the children go to their classrooms and receive a DP lecture and discussion time. At the same time the adults have their own study time led by the Regional Director or the Vice Regional Director. It was very clear from the beginning of the implementation of this program that if we wanted our children to study and be serious about their DP education then they needed to see an example from their own parents. It doesn't work to drop the children off and then go to have coffee. When the parents set the standard themselves it is a very natural process for the children to unite and be a willing participant.

Recently we finished the school year and graduated the children to the next grade. Many of our kids have gone through most of their youth with this tradition of studying Divine Principle on a Friday night with my family and friends. Some who have gone on to STF and college have remarked that they now appreciate how valuable this tradition was in helping for the values and habits, which they now incorporate into their life of faith.

Thanks to the sacrifice of the parents and teachers who dedicate themselves each week and put on a quality Principle lecture program.

"My kids look forward to going to church on Friday night."

" It is so helpful to have our daughter grow up immersed in Divine Principle week after week."

"I like the fact that I can study about True Parents at the same time that my mam and dad are also studying."

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