Unification News for November 2003

Ambassadors for Peace in Queens

by Rev. Mizuguchi

The Queens Church held an Ambassadors for Peace Breakfast Meeting at the Carmichael Diner, Tuesday Oct. 14, 2003. At first, it looked like a repeat of our past experience: an empty room except for a few faithful ministers and a lot of anxious members. However by the time the program got under way one-half hour behind schedule, the room started to fill. We found ourselves in a rare situation where we scrambled for chairs to accommodate an overflowing crowd. About 30 guests squeezed into a dining room fit for 25 people. Then when you add the 20 or so members to that group, our program was literally spilling over into the rest of the diner. The manager was happy to see so many people and so many extra breakfasts being ordered.

We were happy to see so many Muslims and Sikh leaders joining us this time. Though congested we were, no one complained while listening attentively to messages from Imam Mohammed Khan of the Islamic Circle of North America and Sikh priest Mukhtor Singh of the Sikh Temple of Queens. Their messages were strikingly similar to what we would preach at our Sunday service, i.e. there is only one God and we are all his children and brothers and sisters. They emphasized morality in man and woman relationships and ethics in human interaction.

To round out the diversity present in the meeting, we even had a school administrator and a Chinese pastor! This was unprecedented. You don't know what a miracle it is to have a Chinese pastor attend until you have tried to witness to them (they are quite similar to Korean ministers in their conservatism).

The video presentation "The World at a Turning Point" set the tone for Rev. Michael Jenkins' moving and inspiring testimony of the work of True Father and the Ambassadors for Peace, especially at the historically significant places in the Holy City and Gaza. Rev. Jenkins often made references too many of the dignitaries there and their satisfaction in being recognized was transparent. Rev. Jenkins interaction with the audience can only be described as dynamic and stimulating. He was at once spirited and charismatic. So much so that one recent Ambassador for Peace attendee signed up to go on the Israel Peace Trip on Oct 20th right then and there. He even paid $1,000 CASH on the spot. Talk about being prepared! This man was an evangelist from India and was in America on a speaking engagement and will be returning to India in November. That is if we don't get to him first! He said it is a possibility that he and his son would like to devote to IIFWP full-time.

God is always working. It is only when we are working that His power comes through. I don't know about you but for me just to see such an overflowing crowd was refreshing. I can't remember the last time we had a Standing Room Only program. Wait a minute, last Tuesday night October 7th at the Sheraton in Queens was also a SRO. Maybe we are developing a trend. Halleluiah!

Everyone contributed to the program's success. The guests came from ACLC, from AFC, from IIFWP, from those witnessed to by the TASK FORCE, and from local members. But our special gratitude goes to our pastor, Rev. Yuji Mizuguchi, for his superb organization and coordinating efforts that made the execution of this program almost flawless.

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