Unification News for November 2003

ACLC Thanksgiving Prayer Breakfast in Los Angeles

by Rev. Henning

Saturday, November 15th at the McCarty Memorial Church, the ACLC Prayer Breakfast provided a powerful testimony to the True Parents by high-level speakers from several denominations. District Elder Dr. William Johnson of the CME Churches in Los Angeles and San Diego delivered a dynamic keynote address based on True Fatherís Inaugural Address for the Peace Council on October 3rd.

He quoted Fatherís message and explained it in terms of real experience of the local Christian congregations. He drew a standing ovation. Rev. Leonard Jackson of First AME of Los Angeles, the President of the Los Angeles Council of Churches read from the Beatitudes. Imam Haitham Bundakji read from the Koran in Arabic and English. Pastor Briggs of Christian Light MBC from the read the Foundersí Address.

As the readings progressed, views of Christian landmarks and personalities filled the screen and gave way to slides representing Islam and eventually slides of Rev. and Mrs. Moon and the Pilgrimages for Peace. The breakfast prepared by volunteers representing three churches was amazing; pastries, eggs, bacon, potatoes, fruit salads and all the extras made a buffet that was sure to please. Following the keynote address the five-minute video of the 3rd Pilgrimage set the tone for testimonies.

The testimonies of the 2nd and 3rd Pilgrimages by Rev. Avan Hardwell of Godís Extended Hands Ministry, Chief Gayokla Nichi of the Pikuni Tribe and Rev. Sheri Rueter of the Los Angeles Family Church brought to light the heart-felt experiences of earnest prayers, of life-risking adventure in Gaza, and deep realization in the darkness of the Memorial to the Children at the Yad-Vashem Memorial. Hearts were moved. When the appeal for support of the signature campaign to move from the Cross to the Crown was made, thirty-five clergy returned signed forms. More than ten reported that they want to attend the Pilgrimage as a result of this program.

The Sadoc Christian Singers, who have supported ACLC from its start and are top contenders and often winners of nation-wide Gospel singing competitions, stirred the soul with "Itís a God Thing" and "Walking in Jerusalem" among their selections.

The ACLC Breakfast was hosted by the McCarty Memorial Church and the offering went to support their ministry in the center of Los Angeles. Truly this was an amazing event, well-attended by around one-hundred clergy of various denominations and several brothers of the Muslim faith. At the end all stood and sang "Let Their Be Peace on Earth" and an earth-shaking prayer was offered by Pastor Darrell Wilson of the House of the Redeemed that seemed to summarize all that had happened in this memorable morning. Now, its "Onward to Jerusalem"!

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