Unification News for November 2003

ACLC Chicago Prayer Breakfast

by Rev. Bruce Sutchar

A great man puts a system into place that will operate successfully even without his personal presence. This will multiply his greatness far beyond his own ability to perform a given task. Thus is the case with the Chicago monthly prayer breakfast. Going on nearly 4 years of history, every month the Chicago ACLC ministerial alliance gathers at a Chicago area church in order to worship the Lord and connect to True Parents providence. Every month a different minister offers to host the breakfast and more and more every month, the ministers themselves invite new guests to the breakfast.

Novemberís prayer breakfast on the 18th was held in the brand new church (the Inspired Body of Christ) of Rev. T.C. Raven . This was the very first prayer breakfast that Rev. Raven has hosted. Rev. Raven is a student and disciple of our dear and long time friend, the Rev. LeRoy Elliott, who has stood up for our True Parents on so many occasions. Throughout his ministry, Rev. Raven and his congregation were loved and cared for by Mrs. Reiko Jenkins, and even this morning, so many of the churchís membership asked about the health and well being of Mrs. Jenkins. Finally the members gathered in the kitchen of the church and left Mrs. Jenkins a long and detailed message of love from Chicago.

As each prayer breakfast is always unique, todayís was no exception. First of all, Bishop Ki Hoon Kim is still recovering from the viruses that he picked up from his recent journey to his national Messiah nation of Guinea Bisseau in Africa. But due to Bishop Kimís guidance and leadership, the show did go on. Rev. Bennie Owens kicked off the event as the ablest of co-convenors of the ACLC in Chicago. Rev. Owens is a veteran of two of this years trips to Israel and she is the constant support of Chicago ACLC Chairman, Dr. A. (always on time!) Harold White. Dr. Paul Swanson offered a beautiful (as always) invocation.

A beautiful breakfast was served by Rev. Ravenís members and then ACLC National Co-convenor, Pastor T.L. (True Love) Barrett took over the podium. Pastor Barrett gave a deeply moving tribute to the unconditional love and sacrificial effort of Bishop Kim and he raised a substantial offering to give to Bishop Kim to help speed up his recovery. (note: Pastor and Mrs. Barrett graced our Chicago Family Federation by being our special guests at our October monthly meeting -- I strongly recommend this activity -- first initiated by Bishop Kim and Rev. Jenkins, as it brings our members and the guest ministers much closer together. Pastor Barrett, in fact, called me a couple of days after the meeting and very warmly thanked us for including him in our inner family.

Our True Family Values Japanese Choir then graced our congregation with 2 beautiful songs and then Rev. Bruce Sutchar (AFC Executive Director of Illinois) presented the Powerpoint slide show explaining the meaning and significance of the commission of Ambassadors for Peace. All of the guests were then invited to attend the December 13th Ambassadors for Peace Conference at the Chicago Hilton and Towers preceding Chicagoís 8th annual True Family Values Conference. The presentation concluded as AFC of Illinois President David Rendel presented our host pastor with his "Ambassadors for Peace" plaque and certificate.

Pastor Barrett then returned to close out the meeting in song and the assemblage departed in preparation for our True Family Values Banquet, the trips to Israel and, of course, our December breakfast.

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