Unification News for November 2003

Boston Ambassadors for Peace Fellowship Night

by Shelley Watanabe

On Monday night, Nov. 10, we held a dinner for Ambassadors for Peace who had participated in the pilgrimage to Israel. We also invited new guests who are interested in becoming Ambassadors for Peace.

The evening started off with a prayer from Father Cozier, one of our greatest allies and after the dinner our 2nd generation Miho Yoshida played the viola beautifully.

The short version of the video on the pilgrimage to Israel was shown.

Rev. Wright, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Worcester gave his testimony detailing his 2 visits to Israel and Rome with our IIFWP program. He gave a very practical picture of the lifestyle in Israel and how they intermingle with the Palestinians. He described the Wailing Wall and the prohibition of Israelis to go beyond it, and testified how the Ambassadors for Peace were able to go to places that the Jews could not go. All in all, Rev. Wright conveyed the need for reconciliation and understand of the situation there. He said he was very glad to have gone there and wants to be part of this effort to bring down the walls.

Rev. Richard Buessing then got up and gave brilliant account of his experience there, adding in dimensions of Divine Principle and the meaning of spiritual conditions to accomplish God's will. He spoke of the story of Abraham's offering and the fact the Moslem, Jew, and Christian faith have the same root. He described how in 1972 when Kim, Il Sung former president of North Korea announced that he was going to celebrate his 60th birthday in Seoul, Father Moon asked our members to pray that the Im Jin River would not freeze over. Miraculously, the river did not freeze that winter disabling Kim, Il Sung's plan.

Rev. Buessing went on to explain that after experiencing this pilgrimage to Israel, he came to understand the heart of both the Israel side and the Palestinian side. He said there is no other way but to help to bring about cooperation and understanding. He encouraged the audience to come on the next trip and their lives would be changed.

Bishop Skyers the Chairman of True Family Values in New England, gave a very warm and deep understanding of Father Moon's intention to bring world peace. He has been doing this at the risk of his life for years. He also described the condition of the Holy Land, and how God wants to see it restored so desperately. It is spiritually a very important part of the world since civilization began there. Bishop Skyers ended the program with a call for action-inviting the audience to come to the rally in Jerusalem on Dec. 22nd.

One of the guests, Dr.. Ulric Johnson , a Harvard Professor and founder of Youth Against Gang Violence, stood up and introduced his 8 students. They are trained in conflict resolution and they go into schools and run assemblies to teach the students about managing anger and positive ways to direct their energy. He and some of the students are very interested in the rally in Israel.

There were about forty people in attendance including twenty four guests. Most of these guests are ministers working with ACLC New England.

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