Unification News for October 2003

Message to Dedicate the National Won Jeon

Chang Shik Yang

We understand that each one of us is on our way to the eternal world. When we come to this world, we have some order from old to younger. We only stay for a certain time in this world. Some day, some time, we donít know when, weíll be called to the next dimension. With teaching and guidance from Father, we realize the meaning of our lives and we clearly understand where we are headed eventually. There is no barrier between this physical world and the spiritual world. Sooner or later, we will be there and live together.

Recently our two young brothers from CARP and STF ascended, and one son is still struggling. I heard many times from Father directly as he described the meaning of their calling. It was not an accident. At the same time, I saw Father honor them and make them a most valuable living offering for all humankind to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, particularly in this crucial age. I felt that itís really an honor.

The history of Won Jeon that we heard about from our brothers here started from Korea, from the 36 couples down to 6,000 and younger. Those who are approved by True Parents can be buried at the Won Jeon. All others are on a separate level. Heung Jin Nim and all True Family, Daemonim, and our great leaders Ė Tiger Pak, Sang Hun Lee, Young Oon Kim Ė are all there.

When I heard this great idea from Rev. In Hoi Lee and brothers Antonio Betancourt and Bill Selig, I really appreciated it. Immediately I took up that idea and eventually weíll make this a great site for our eternal home.

Fourteen brothers and sisters are here, and their families, brothers and sisters, parents, spouses are here now together. When I reported to Father, he was so happy and immediately Father said he would support financially to buy a bigger site. Eventually we will have to buy more and more. The original idea was on the regional level, but in looking around I found a more suitable area. This will be a most holy place in the USA, not only internally because of Unification Church, but some day the rest of the world will recognize and come together to meet here, report here, pray here, and appreciate here.

Japan has also established their national won jeon in Tokyo area. Centering on Rev. Yu and Pres. Oyamada, once a year they call the entire family. Recently about 3,000 or 4,000 families gathered together. It was very crowded. In front of national won jeon the descendants of those heroes and heroines gather and offer appreciation and celebrate. That is a great picture. I think weíll start with this small size, but eventually we will grow to that level.

Recently since the national won jeon was announced, as Antonio said, many people have interest. Of course initially they will go back to home town, but because the national won jeon is blessed by True Parents, many people will want to come here. I think the spirit of the brothers and sisters who are here will make a great foundation in spirit world to welcome our brothers and sisters and connect the mission of this nation. Although small, the sacrifice of these brothers and sisters is very important. They have a very important role in spirit world as representatives of the elder son nation. I heard recently from our brother Tom, who is communicating with his wife Soon-ja, that the 36 presidents had a conference and definitely had a celebration. Soon-ja was there and gave a Korean performance even. She was an elder sister among this group. Definitely I think she might have big role there as a Korean-American.

Once again, on this occasion let us reconsider the meaning of our lives. We donít know who will be first, who will be last. Everybody hopefully will come here. When we come, we have to bring something, to give some gift to our seniors. When we arrive in spirit world, they will become our older brothers and sisters. Letís consider how we can spend this precious daily life.

Recently Rev. Jenkins, Rev. Daugherty and myself spent several hours with Father. Particularly because of my mission I had to stay all the way with him. I was watching how God is working through him. It is amazing. There is no barrier, no day time, no night time, no particular division in him. That means he calls any time, 3 a.m., 2 a.m., and God right away talks to him. Recently I bought a small recording machine because I have to be ready any time. Yesterday during Hoon Dok Hae while reading the book I suddenly felt I was standing right beside Father. Fatherís spirit came and immediately I felt the embodiment of God and started talking. I feel sorry to American members that you canít get direct word from Father because you have to hear a translation. Itís valuable, but still not enough. This is a crucial and precious age and time.

All these pioneers went first. We donít exactly know the reason, but each one of these brothers and sisters are connected to Godís providence and each one of them went as a living offering. They never die but live in lasting love and peace. Indeed, they are living in spirit world. These two worlds are coming closer and closer.

Recently many Korean members whose spouses ascended are communicating directly with them, living together. Iíve been hearing beautiful stories. And not only that, Father blessed some of our senior sisters with saints who lived thousands of years ago. Amazing story. Spirit world is so nearby.

A 430 couple brother had passed away, Mr. Yu, worked in our headquarters foundation in finance and property management. He and his wife have five daughters, and every Sunday at 4 oíclock he comes down to wake them up one by one to prepare to do kyung beh. He was worried because his wife was weak. He appeared to one of our brothers who is a realtor and asked, why donít you guide my wife to sell our house and move somewhere else. Even in spiritual world he is managing finances! Very detailed. It is real. Still the wife felt lonely and sometimes sorrowful. When she missed her husband, sheíd drive to the won jeon. One day he strongly scolded her, donít come.

One day Father called all those widows and asked for their testimonies. It was amazing. Everybody had a great testimony. I know that sister pretty well because she lives near HQ church. Now she is running a business there, a gift shop. When I saw her she was always bright and I wondered how she could be so happy since she lost her husband. I felt a little uncomfortable, because I knew her husband very well. Later I heard from her that her husband comes to her every night, guiding, talking. Not only to her, but he also visits their children. I think this kind of story will eventually become very common. The two worlds are becoming one.

Dear American family, you might miss your spouse or child who has gone to the spiritual world, but their point of view is different. We have to catch their spirit. They are pretty busy. Recently the only son of the continental director of the Middle East, Rev. Ji, passed away in Jardim, at age 17. Father loved him because he fished a lot nearby there. He is actually buried in the Jardim area. Father blessed him to go to Heung Jin Nim. But his mother missed him because he was her only son. When we had the registration blessing in Cheong Pyeong, suddenly he came to his mother in her dream and said, mom, Iím an assistant to Heung Jin Nim. She saw Heung Jin Nim coming in and his assistants were all 2nd gen. She saw her son was toward the front. After that she completely released the sorrow in her heart. I was there when Rev. Ji reported these things to Father.

Iím sure these great brothers and sisters are working hard and doing great work in spirit world. Donít worry about them. Instead letís be focused on what we are doing in our own lives. Many of our brothers and sisters want to come here, so we are going to make a very strict policy. The price may go up! Some day $20,000 a slot! That much I think people will be honored to be here.

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