Unification News for October 2003

Seven Nations Providence and World Peace Task Force

Sun Myung Moon

This speech was given September 14, 2003 - East Garden

This is a very historic moment. This is the third year of Cheon Il Guk. Everything that goes on here should be recorded. This occasion will be a great resource for your future. Leaders and blessed family members from 7 providential countries are here. There are billions in the spirit world here today. This is a most historical occasion. I donít want anyone to be left out. Everyone should join in this historic effort.

In 1945 the providence centering on these 7 nations should have been fulfilled in 7 years by 1952. Now Iím 83 years old. So much time was lost by these failures. Now Iím working to restore the foundation lost by these 7 nations. Now Iím building the Fourth Israel and the Kingdom of God on earth. You are heavenly soldiers who have joined me in this final dispensational battle. History will remember this effort.

You must become good soldiers and generals in the heavenly army to build Godís Kingdom. When you go back to your home you should go back with a record of your sacrifice and victory. They should be only one nation. Nation of God.

This is a new beginning. Constantly we have to move just like water, then we will never stagnate. If we keep moving in faith in this direction then eventually God will bless us and we will bring heavenly result. We will always prosper with this attitude and life style. We should be the center and should become people of great influence. We should become owners of Cheon Il Guk. The spirit world and history is with us. They want you to be victorious. That can come only through education. Then we can build a world of new culture.

Now the key for all Blessed Families, Donít Be Like Lotís Wife --- Donít Look Back. Now your ancestors are helping and watching from the spirit world and want you to succeed and fulfill. They donít want you to get stuck by looking back. Now billions and billions of couples are blessed. Within 7 months all should be blessed.

Who is in the position of the Elder Brother. The spirit world or earth. The people are earth. On earth is where we can harvest the fruits of our labors. That is why all of history is depending on you to fulfill your responsibility before heaven. If you want to live you will die, if you want to die and give your life your will live. With that spirit we must reach out in every direction.

The Earth was created billions of years ago, if it deviated in its rotation and proper direction it would have been destroyed. There is top middle and bottom. We need to make a circular motion centered on the middle range people. The should be a flow of people around the same center. It is up to you to determine the fortune for your nation. Through your sacrifice you will determine the position of your nation. You will be the representative of your and your sacrifice here during this time will determine the position of your nation in the Cheon Il Guk and the fourth Israel.

Is there a nation above America. Can a nation move forward by great force alone. It must have an anchor. What is the anchor of American? Individualism? We must change the fallen history and restore America. There must be a center for things to change. Without a center, no real heavenly change can come. Father declared the establishment of Godís Kingship. Is it true. or is it just part of our imagination. It is true, Godís coronation changed Godís position in history. Many of you came from comfortable situations but now you are sitting in humility on the floor. This is restoration through indemnity. People have not understood this process. This is the path through which the individual will be perfected.

There is a proper order to all things. American women, who is in charge? The man or the woman? (the western sisters said the Man!!) If there are two kings in the home it will never work. You must have only one center. Even if you occupy a high political office and have great power you must know the proper order in the family. When a baby is growing in the womb it lives in the environment of Water. The baby in the mothers womb doesnít need anything else. All is coming from the mother. Why does the mother have breasts. Why were they designed the way they were. God knew that the baby should have nice pillows to rest on.

Who is more sinful. Man or woman. Man has been more sinful in history. Therefore we must totally recreate Adam and Eve. Hyun Jin Nims children are named Shin Man,Shin Pal, Shin Gune. If you put their names together Shin Man, Pal, Gune. It means 80,000 palaces. These are the palaces of Godís Kingdom. Who will defend these palaces. This must be heavenly men.

The Kingdom of Hell and the Kingdom of Heaven. We must understand. We must be in the position of a King. Everyone want to be a princess and eventually a queen. Can a woman have many husbands? The answer is no. The mother must teach the children to become filial children to the father. This is the mothersí responsibility. What about with divorce. The children should not go to the father but to the mother and then the divorce rate will go down.

What about Leah and Rachel. God had to work to restore things through them. It was all centering on the restoration of the family.

Who is more important, the man or the woman? The man has the seed and the woman represents the concave. Man was made for woman.

Now in America several states have approved Gay marriage. This is absolutely against God and the principle. If they continue this way, they humanity will perish within one generation. Many women have a very individualistic focus. Gay marriage would claim that they have human rights. But this is individualistic and not for the sake of others. How to gay people make love. How? You may know. Even animals donít do this.

Wherever you are you must protect the Divine rights of heaven. You must awaken others to the Divine rights of heaven. We must end the false viewpoint of human rights that is promoting homosexuality. Do you think True Mother is controlling True Father? In American many women are controlling their husbands, this is a violation of heavenly law. Many donít even want to have children. Then, though they are married they donít even have a lineage. They donít even have a family. This violates the purpose of creation.

The fact that you are born a woman should be a cause for you to be grateful. Who receives more love, the man or the woman. The woman is receiving more love.

What about free sex. Some women have had love with more then 50 men. Can they make a stable family? We should determine that we will be the best possible spouse to our mates Who divorces more, man or woman. Woman causes most divorce.

To restore this we are gathering the best members from the 7 nations here at this historic time.

What is the most dramatic kiss. Between white and white? Not much excitement and drama there. However, black and white is shocking and dramatic. Thatís why God will bless it. We must find and marry our enemy.

I was thinking that God would give me an ugly wife. Then God gave me True mother. With my first wife, she wanted to divorce me. I ran from her as she was pursuing me. I tried to stay away from here. Finally she left. I went through an indemnity course and God gave me True Mother. She was very young, She didnít even know how to kiss!!! But she became our True Mother. (everyone cheered for mother). When Mother goes shopping she always is shopping for others and trying to buy the best things for them. Mother takes me to shop in the mall so that I can get lots of exercise. When it gets crowded in a narrow hallway, I have to hold onto mother so that I donít get lost!!

Men are like archangels. They always want to take Eve for their wife. That is why with so many women that want to follow me, men really want to persecute me. God knew that Mother was the perfect spouse for me. I always keep women away, at least one meter. Now some women go crazy to get close to Father. I have to be careful. Why do women want to be close to me. Because Iím the king of the family, of man and woman and all humanity. I have to be careful because some women would even like to cut off my finger, so that they could keep it for a treasure in their purse!

You men, raise your hands, those of you who received a wife from me. After 60 years old does the man still want to love. Rev. Hwang you have many children.

When I fulfill my mission with the United Nations, then I will be free to love my children. Now is the time for clean up. Should America women educate Japanese sisters or vice a versa. Japanese sisters raise hands Ė they raised their hands. American sisters raise your hands, many more Japanese sisters, - American sisters you are already defeated arenít you? (At least you are defeated in numbers).

Who was blessed by Father? Wow (everybody). If you follow the principle way you will make happy families. What we should do is have exchange marriages. What we should do is have exchange marriages. If you marry those who you like there will always be a shadow connected with your marriage. Westerners, some people didnít like what I did when I first matched them but now they are happy.

A true Father and Mother are those who are willing to not sleep. Bad parents are those who just want to have their own personal lives and neglect their children. I want you to become great citizens and people so that America and the world will be restored. All of you should be restored following that same model and example. You must follow heavenly law. Will you be glorious or miserable. When I was in Danbury Prison, all prisoners came to respect me. This path is not easy. Many times people were fighting and I was the one to bring them together.

How about New York, we should call it "New Ambition". We must be able to go beyond the individual, family, society, nation and world. Thatís what we should become. Even when I was ten I had very special intuition, and could match couples. If I left the potential coupleís pictures on the table it would work. If I threw the pictures away the marriage wouldnít work. Some tried and it failed.

(Mother had to leave). Why is Mother going. Because she had so many children she has to go after one hour. But donít worry, we have speakers upstairs and Mother will still listen to me. Also, the Holy Spirit is totally present here.

(After the Presidentís Messages) This is the first time in history this has been revealed. Now we must all connect with this heavenly time period and focus on Godís will for the world. If you donít connect with this providence you will lose your fortune. We must fulfill Godís will. If we donít fulfill then even Heung Jin Nim will suffer in the spiritual world.

You must take these messages to the descendants of the Presidents. Also you must wake up the American people. This is the time for revolution.!

These messages must be given to the leaders and educate them concerning the spirit world. This is the request of the spirit world. If you donít do this you will be accused when you go to the spirit world. Even if you are not good enough you must convey the message with your whole heart. We must be able to give a report to all as to what we did.

We must a determination and a commitment at this time. This is a new resolution, determination and commitment. We should bring even greater result as long as you are doing your best you will be blessed by God.

Now, everyone is now watching over you. There are billions of spirits that are blessed who are watching over you now. You must receive a bright light in the morning. Iím Korean, yet this is the responsibility of Americans. These resolutions are burning. They will bring fire. Do not bring despair to me or despair to God.

The spirit world wants to cooperate with you. My children of filial piety, you must wake up and join this historic dispensation.

The bad relationship of individuals can lead to world conflict. Rachel and Leah were sisters. Rachel had Joseph and Benjamin, the other brothers sold Joseph and also went to expel Benjamin. Jacob made a mistake in that he didnít bring Esau with him, this bad relationship became the seed for the Canaanites. If the elder and younger brother had been united as one then there would be no problem today between Muslims and Jews. Adams family was the first human family. All these things must be restored. Because Jacob didnít embrace Esau and bring him to Egypt. The went their separate ways. This became the seed for the separation of whole nations.

To create children of filial piety the mother must set the tradition of attending the father. Through that she can teach filial piety to the children. Families that harmonize on this foundation will form a good society and nation. Everything should be taught, how to greet each other. How to respect. If there is a lady in the area that is known to have the best reputation it should be for public mindedness. If you are publicly minded you will be appreciated. How many children should you have? A small number or a large number. A large number. If you have 13 children God will have to make sure that he blesses that woman for her remarkable feat.

When we unite together beyond enemy barriers we set the condition for the Kingdom of Heaven. Thatís how and why I could marry the saints with the most evil people at Madison Square Garden. It creates equalization.

You should be serious. If I was only thinking of myself I would never do anything like this. You should be serious. Why does the money keep coming. Because Father keeps setting conditions. In those conditions the billions have come.

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