Unification News for October 2003

Japanese Tea Ceremony Promotes Dialogue Among Civilizations

The Japanese Tea Ceremony that is held by the Japanese volunteers of the IIFWP Office of UN Relations is an activity that has gotten much attention within the United Nations community. This traditional ceremony dates back eight centuries, and is performed by the volunteers in traditional Japanese costumes. The Tea Ceremony emphasizes the values of harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility that are inherent in the performance of this time-honored tradition and art.

Many representatives from the UN Missions have attended this program. They all say how tranquil and peaceful they feel after the experience. They are served a special blend of green tea made by the tea master in the traditional way and served in a beautiful tea bowl. After, they are served Japanese sushi and snacks. The significance of the ceremony is explained each step of the way, as each participant receives their tea bowl, one by one, bowing and honoring one another in deepest respect. In a world that is rapidly changing, the quiet calm of the ceremony adds a quiet respite to diplomatic life and is the UN volunteersí contribution to fostering the "Dialogue Among Civilizations."

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