Unification News for October 2003

1st Annual International Gospel Explosion

by Daryl M. Clarke

On Sunday, October 19th at the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Harlem, Bishop Thomas Heaven Lee and members of the New York Region held their "First Annual International Gospel Explosion". As our youth says, "It was the Bomb". It was an "Evening of Worship and Praise in Song". The theme for the program was, "Breaking Down the Walls, Celebrating a Culture of Heart".

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, the American Clergy Leadership Conference and the Life Line Healing Ministries (founded by Rev.’s Edner and Juanita Pierre-Louis) co-sponsored this first heavenly extravaganza. Soloists, bands, choirs and ensembles filled the Historical Landmark Church with the presence of God and the Holy Spirit. The era of Cheon IL Guk was introduced to the New York region by the unity of over 800 participates praying, singing and offering praises unto the Lord.

The co-emcees, Rev. Levy Daugherty and Rev, Juanita Pierre-Louis led the program into what became a power expression of international and intercultural harmony and cooperation. "The walls come tumbling down". Mrs. Davetta Morgan and friends constructed a brick wall made out of cardboard boxes with the names of several social ills written on them. After each performance a member of the group took one brick out of the wall and threw it down to the ground.

Rev. Bobbie McDaniel, Pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Church welcomed us as guest into his beautiful church with stained glass windows that would make Michelangelo gaze in amazement. Bishop Lee responded to the welcome and invited everyone to enjoy the program and prepare his or her heart to experience a moment of Cheon IL Guk peace.

Musical director Greg Davis and members from the Long Island Family Church began the program singing his original song entitled, "Cheon IL Guk". The New York FC (Manhattan/Harlem) choir, director Robert Hall took us to the next level with songs that had us dancing in the aisles. Rev. Jennifer Miller and the Worshippers (First Grace Baptist Church, Harlem) had the audience running to the ushers to buy their CD (which wasn’t on sale that day). International actress and singer Mzuri is no stranger to our family, as the only soloist billed for the evening she put tears in our eyes as shouts of "Glory Halleluiah" rang through out the pews.

ACLC member, Rev. Dr. H.G. McGhee lifted the offering giving us an opportunity to return the blessings giving to us in our daily lives. After a short video presentation of the unity of the three Abrahamic faiths we experienced a piece of heaven on earth when the Isaiah ‘s Youth Ministry Choir (Isaiah’s Temple of Mt. Hope, Brooklyn) made the word’s of Jesus become a reality when he said, "you must be like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven".

"Gloria A Dios" was shouted all throughout the Church when the Voces De Jublio Choir from the Iglesia Pentecostal Unida Incorporated of the Bronx took the children of God to an other level as we all stood to our feet clapping and dancing making a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Organizing committee chairman, Chaplain Daryl M. Clarke, gave the closing remarks, thanking everyone for attending this first event and encouraged all to bring a friend or two or three next year to the "2nd Annual International Gospel Explosion" which is going to make a greater noise and impact to usher in peace for our world. "We are going to need a much bigger place than this", shouted the Rev. Dr. G. H. McGhee (Dr. & Mrs. McGhee served as the Honorary co-chairpersons).

Special recognition was given to the Ginseng-Up Corp. (1 full case of GSU), Tenkai Japanese Restaurant (2 – dinner for two gifts) and the members of the New York Region (2 CD walkman’s, 1 DVD/ MP3 combo player and 1 19’ Color TV) for donating wonderful door prizes that was presented to our raffle winners.

As the program came to it’s final moments, the WestRock Family Choir directed by Dr. Rumiko Isaksen created a solemn spiritual atmosphere such as the likes of the world famous New Hope Singers International. Then, the WestRock and New York Family choir’s unity opened our hearts to receive the finale song, "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace" (Prayer of St. Francis). As the emotions deepen and the anointing of the spirit of God embraced His people, the Grand Finale broke down the remainder of the walls, creating the atmosphere for each of us to embrace one an other hand in hand as we sang that universal song, "Amazing Grace".

The evening came to an end as we embraced each other

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