Unification News for October 2003

The 2nd Fishing World Cup in Yeosu

Over 1000 anglers from 50 nations round the globe gathered in Nam-myeon and Samsan-myeon, a tourist city, notable of the marine leisure and sport culture, October 21th and 24th.

According to Mr. Shin, Wan-Soo, the President of Hanyeong Collage and the chairman of ‘Yeosu City Fishing World Cup Induction Committee’, it was agreed upon that the Fishing World Cup 2003, the celebration of 50 million fishing loving people of the world, be held in adjacent water of Nam-myeon and Samsan-myeon of Yeosu City, for a period of 5 days starting on the coming October 6th, and over 1000 anglers of 50 nations in the world are expected to gather together. "Through this event, Yeosu City will become acknowledged in the world as a tourist cultural city of marine leisure and sport", the chairman Shin said.

In the 2nd Fishing World Cup, the anglers compete in one of two categories of ‘Boat Fishing’ and ‘Surf Casting’, and the first, second and the third winners will be awarded with $20,000 (26 million won), $15,000 (19.5 million won) and $10,000 (13 million won) cash prize respectively.

According to the Tournament Rules, the champions are determined by the total weight of girella (Bengaetom porgy), snapper, and black porgy among other fishes which are common in the southern waters of Korea. Those who wish to take part in the tournament are requested to submit their photos and the application forms to the Induction Committee’s head office. The secretary general of Yeosu Induction Committee, Mr. Kan, Ki-Bom said, "Our objective through this event is to place a local city on the global stage, and thus to create an opportunity that enables a local government to expand the worldwide marketing activities. Also, he expressed a hope that a new sport culture rises in harmony with the natural environment.

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