Unification News for October 2003

Second Generation Youth Ministry and CARP

Jin Young Chan
October, 2003

When I decided to participate in the Alaska Adventure Workshop I was a bit negative. The reason was because I didnít have what you would call a "strong physical body" and Iíve always disliked hiking.

I heard about Hyun Jin Nimís workshop style and I didnít understand why Hyun Jin Nim would want such a physically challenging and outdoor workshop. However, this was the first workshop I attended so I tried to stay positive about it.
Three weeks before the workshop, I prepared my body through jogging. My friends all know how much I hate jogging, but since my body was weak for the upcoming program, I did it anyway.
When I finally arrived at the Anchorage Garden, I met many participants from all
over the world.
I didnít understand the meaning of Hyun Jin Nimís idea for being a good leader through hunting, fishing or hiking. However, everyone kept telling me to find the reason by myself through Hyun Jin Nimís core values.

When I was on top of a mountain I saw such beautiful nature like lakes, trees, sky, and a blue glacier. I was wondering why I forgot that God gave us such a beautiful earth. I later realized that Hyun Jin Nim wanted to show us that nature was a beautiful gift from God. I felt so small and weak at that moment.
After the workshop I resolved that I would become a stronger leader for God. It is not just mind or just body. Itís both. Before the workshop I didnít think I could become a stronger person. But now I will.

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