Unification News for October 2003

Hyun Jin Nimís Core Values in Second Generation Youth Ministry and CARP

David Stein
October, 2003

I had a very amazing experience at the workshop in Alaska. At first I was very interested to be apart of an adventure workshop with Hyun Jin Nim, and to see what Core Values was all about. Because before arriving in anchorage I really had never heard about Core Values or about anything that CARP has been doing, the connection between CARP and the UC is very different. So I went not really sure about what to expect.

When I got there, the posted schedule didnít have any lectures or presentations planned, just fishing, shooting, and a 3-day long expedition, which I was really looking forward to. We started with HDH in the morning with Hyun Jin Nim, and there I was able to get a lot of content about what Core Values was all about. But, where I learned it the most was through experiencing it on our expedition.

The expedition was 3-days long. It was very tough and rigorous, but at the same time it was unforgettable. We focused every day on one of the 4 Core Values, so that we could really experience teamwork or living for the greater good, in an environment where disunity or negative attitudes could mean life or death for a team ember or myself. I really felt that that is where Core Values can really be taught and learned; in a challenging environment. Of course, safety is first and we were as safe as possible with all that the workshop staff provided us, but the course was very strenuous and was well worth it.

In conclusion, I really felt that Hyun Jin Nimís vision is really amazing. He wants us to challenge our limitations physically, while mentally focusing on Core Values and Fathers words. That combination is really incredible, only then can we really feel God and only then can we bring true victory to ourselves physically and spiritually. With these kinds of experiences under the belts of our second generation, God and spirit world will really be able to do great things through them and with them.

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