Unification News for October 2003

CARP Core Values

1. Living for the Greater Good

I. Aligns oneself with the vision, values and goals.
II. Invests in people who increase our value.
III. Multiplies value: Taking creative action to increase the value.
IV. Shares best practices across the organization.

2. Ownership

I. Responsibility: Trusted to make a personal commitment to stated and expected goals.
II. Accountability: Answerable for the execution and outcomes of stated and expected goals.
III. Initiative: Exhibits leadership by being proactive and solving problems.
IV. Strive: Passion and conviction to execute one’s stated and expected goals.
V. Execute

3. Teamwork

I. Mentors: Personally guiding the growth and development of others.
II. Open-mindedness: Gives and receives feedback and new ideas constructively.
III. Respect: Recognize the merit that others bring.
IV. Energize: Inspiring passion and commitment in others.

4. Dreams Big

I. Conviction
II. Aspires to challenge one’s limitations
III. Results Oriented
IV. Expertise-Driven


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