Unification News for September 2003

Cheon Bu Ju Hwi: Proclamation of Parentism

Sun Myung Moon

This is from an address given on September 1, 2003 at East Garden.

The key to peace is the unity of the mind and body. Because Jesus achieved this he becomes the center. Jesus Christ is the ancestor of peace. If Jesus had been accepted there would be no need for the second coming. If Jesus didnít die he would have completed the family and Rome would have become part of Godís Kingdom. Because it didnít occur, Israel divided into Islam ,Christianity and Judaism. Therefore Father had to engraft all these through the blessing to create the fourth Israel. All the people in the spirit world must receive the blessing. Changing of the blood lineage will be the source of peace.

The only begotten son who restored Adams position was Jesus. Centering on Jesus the blessing should have been given through out Israel and Rome. Centering on the realm of new religion and the unity with the political area the Kingdom should have been established. Satan cannot make the world wide level. Satan can never eliminate all good people by the principle of the Original mind. Satan cannot make the whole world one. Centering on Fatherís teaching we can make the world into one. Because we will embrace all religions and people

Although there were so many persecutions and trials, Jesus was supposed to go to Rome and liberate Rome. Before the fall there was no hell. Therefore if you turn around the blood lineage you eliminate hell. In the Satanic world there are no true partners and true ownership. Without standing on the foundation of the unity of all religions we cannot go over the Satanic realm. With the foundation of that victory, all the people can be united with True Parents and God.

If Christianity had united with Father after WWII this restoration that we have achieved now would have been accomplished then. Because of the failure of Christianity, Fatherís family became divided. Through this confusion and suffering Father found True Mother. The person fulfilling the second coming of the messiah will unify the mind and body will transcend the national and religious levels. The Archangel cannot go over to the World level. Because of the failure at WWII and numerous failures related to the fall, America lost its position as the second Israel. Only because of the conditions that Father set could God allow his blessing to remain with America.

Christian missionaries from America tried to destroy the Unification Church in Korea. The Unification Church was created to restore the second Israel. The Yoido rally launched the national level movement, this surprised President Park. Because Father had Unification Thought and the Divine Principle President Park was totally shocked. Father initiated industrial development with machine tools which were linked to German technology - we were the vanguard of the Korean economic revolution. The stage was set for millions to follow us. However three presidents in Korea blocked our work. We have over come this and now have the foundation to mobilize one million people within one weeks notice. The failure of Christianity was restored by Father by the 7000 Christian clergy who went to Korea.

The current President Roh cannot unite with Kim Jong Il. Without the Family party there can be no unity. The Family Party centers on the pure lineage. By Father recreating people and creating principled people the Family Party will have so many ways to save the nation.

The fall is the cause of all problems. Problems of homosexuality, free sex, problem of food, sleep, clothing and materialism, sex are all rooted in the fall. Therefore Father has desperately worked to save America. Communism was the biggest threat and to deal with it Father founded the Washington Times and educated Christian pastors in America. This is the same foundation with which to save the family and end the immoral culture.

Centering on America as the Second Israel, Christianity through the blessing has engrafted onto Father and then restored the first, second and third Israel through the Jerusalem, Washington and Seoul Declaration. This became the foundation for the establishment of the fourth Israel. American women must realize how serious this is. Without the blessing you stand as the wild olive tree. Jesus said we must love our enemy. Therefore you must understand that this is the key to purifying the blood lineage. Exchange marriage is the key. This is the way that peace will be realized. This is based on the second coming and the messiah. As the blood lineage changes and the exchange marriage occurs then Muslims and Christians will become one. When they go to the spirit world they will go to heaven. This is the logical conclusion. This you must practice. This is very logical and scientific. Everything must be restored through the principle.

All the world is secularized. Everything in the world has that kind of secular influence.

You understand very clearly, scholars, religious leaders, it doesnít matter if they donít agree Ė this is the universal truth. It cannot be changed. The blood lineage must be changed and the exchange marriage must be secured. Love your enemy.

Many actresses in America are looking for fallen love based on the illicit fallen love in this world. You must love your enemy. Look at this Japanese sister here sitting next to the American sister here. They were enemies. Now they can unite. This is the power of the principle.

Jesus was that person who could bring world peace by unifying the mind and body, establishing the blessed family and lineage of God. There is not enough time to explain everything to you. This would be the foundation for peace, that is why True Parents had to fulfill this. This way is the shortcut. Before controlling the world, we must control ourselves, our body must become Godís body. Sacrifice yourself living for the sake of others. Satan always invades through the body. True Parents understood and overcame this point. God is desperately holding on to Father. Who else can God hold on to. Who else has overcome the body and made it Godís holy body. True Love, True Life and True Lineage. True Parents have fulfilled this. Now you must fulfill. Even in the storm the water will seek for a place of peace and tranquillity and will eventually become peaceful. Therefore at this time all humanity, like the water, is seeking refuge from storm and are internally being drawn to True Love, True Life and True Lineage.

Once you have a good relationship with your spouse you have to serve the people of the world. If you donít serve (like breathing Ė serving and receiving).you wonít receive. If you miss this you will lose your love. Who is the owner of world peace? Those who serve. Godsí heart and mind is forever. One heart, one mind and one God.

This is the formula course, Unite the mind and body then the Individual appears, the son ,brother, husband, father, grandfather, all the way to King. The True Woman, cries and cries and cries looking for the True man. Who loves Father more. Men or women. Women love Father more. Father went through so many difficulties because of women. They tried every way possible to be with Father. To touch him, to touch his hair and to take something from him. Women wanted to be close to Father because he is a True Man.

Women hang around 5th Ave. trying to catch archangels. Because Father is responsible for your life you will obey him. Mrs. Kenyata. I opened the door for you. Are you grateful to be married with Dr. Kenyata, Iím sure that sometimes you want to escape because you donít know the historic value of your blessing. Kyo Choi Kyol Hon. (Exchange Marriage Ė or marrying ones enemy instead of your own preference ) Germans should marry the English. The German woman is strong and wild and she must marry a gentle Englishman. Who attacked first German or English. The Germans. The German can be like a gangster.

The key point is the unity between the mind and body. This is the most difficulty of Cheon Il Guk. The Chinese symbol Cheon (means two persons), Il (means becoming one). Two people become one . The mind and body become one. Second generation you will go to hell if you donít unify the mind and body.

How about the first Israel? It is the owner of the offering. They still want to follow the Old Testament principle of eye for an eye and tooth for tooth. That era has passed. They divide the offering so that it is not claimed by Satan. They try to divide the offering and keep half for themselves. They think that half of the world is theirs. Yet because of the fall there is no true owner yet. Without the fall God would be the total owner Ė not just of half of a portion. God seeks now the total ownership and dominion as God has now been crowned King.

Abraham failed to divide the offering. When Jesus was rejected then the correct offering was not made and Jesus had to be divided and offered. The second Israel of America persecutes Father because they know he has grassroots power beyond the CIA and FBIís power. The current leadership of America has been losing popularity. Father is trying to help America. Even though America was like an enemy to the me. I loved the enemy through Washington Times, UB, UTS. Top scholars came to UTS in 1975.

Rev. Kwak are you confident to educate the top leaders of the world? Because of WWII nations became enemies. During WWII if the three nations America, England and France had united centered on Godís will, world peace would have been realized at that time. Father says that even at 25 years old, he understood the way to peace and the providence of the first, second and third Israel.

Right now I am influencing the world to go Godís way in the position of looking down from heaven on them. Iím like the Father waiting for the Prodigal son to come home. That is the love of parents whose son is about to go to the final sentencing. Money and Power donít matter at that point, true love matters. The true parents will sell everything to save the son. Iím giving out everything for America. There is no holding back. I gave out everything I owned last year in December at East Garden (EG). Then in Korea I gave out all my money.

58 years ago this unity could have come. Today it must come. Today, I initiate a new international organization for this realm of peace. We will create a new organization in the New Yorker. We must create a special temple in the New Yorker. Right now we are launching into the image history based on the symbolic one. The God of headwing, will bring world peace. The Interreligious and International foundation will become one. Now we decide. The realm of the fourth Israel Ė at 6:32 am. I proclaim the establishment of the realm of peace, the beginning of an Abel international organization. At this time, all the six nations must become one centering on Korea making a total of 7 nations. Centering on the True Parents, who have the unity of the mind and body., It is the time to launch this new organization. Every nation should connect with this.

The key problems of the world are the Middle East and Korea. If America makes a wrong decision, the world will go to a world war. I have that way and power to make America go the right way. We must solve all these problems. We must solve the problems of the Middle East. With the Cheon Il Guk and the fourth Israel all of these things must become one. Centering on the Middle East and Israel and America must become one. That is the religious foundation. Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Confucians must become the Abel side with Christianity. The 6 nations must become one centering on Christianity. After WWII this couldnít be made. Now Father will make it.

The second area centering on Russia, China and North Korea must also be solved.

We must have an international convocation marking this new beginning before October 14th. (The day Father was liberated from Heung Nam). Second Israel, America must do this. The second Israel is the center between the first and second Israel and unite them. If they donít do this America will be invaded. If this happens you should be prepared to go to South America and start over. That is why Father created so many boats, in case this kind of thing happens.

The King has that kind of power. 191 Member States of the United Nations must get this book of the 36 late Presidentsí messages. And they must go to all 50 states and then we should make a huge noise on this foundation. Dr. Yang and Michael Jenkins, do you understand. After we publish this message in the Washington Times then we must give it to the Ambassadors in New York. America can be considered the enemy in a way. Why, because America failed after World War II and divided Korea and gave it to the communists.

Do you understand. 7 nations that participated in WWII should now become the founding members for the new global organization. From today on this must quickly be done. This all must be completed by the end of September. By October 3 is the new heaven opening day. Arabic nations and Israel and the Middle East matter must be resolved. The next trip to Israel is critical for this. If they unite then everything will be over. We will continue to utilize all the messages from the spirit world.

Many nations have been under the colonization of the nations of the world. Now 191 nations are there at the UN and many were colonies. Are we going to let them go. We need to help them bring peace.

Rev. Kwak, you should understand. Centering on the third conference and the fourth conference. Then in October I go back to Korea then you will make an announcement. Today the Hoon Dok material is related to the establishment of the Family Party.

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