Unification News for September 2003

Pal Jeong Shik

Sun Myung Moon

This is from an address given on August 31, 2003 at East Garden. Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins , translation by Mrs. Hee Hun Standard.

The 7 am pledge service was held before a special offering table that represented North, East, South and West. The offering table did not have the cylindrical towers of fruits and cookies but rather had large mounds of fruits of every kind. Bags of cookies and candies were also standing in mounds. The offering table had for significant mounds at the four corners, representing North, East, South and West.

True Parents entered and True Father lit the 7 candles. First the center, then the right, the far left, the second from the right, the second from the left and so on toward the central candle. Then Father prayed. The True Parents offered Kyung Beh to Heavenly Father and True Parents together sat behind the offering table. Then True Children bowed. Then all blessed couples bowed and we recited the Family Pledge (Kajong Mengse). Father said: We have entered the realm of the Fourth Israel. This is a time when peace will surely come. We now have to transcend the barriers of race, religion, nationality and establish our True Identity as sons and daughters of God with one lineage.

Then Rev. Kwak asked if we should do the representative bows from each nation and religion. Father said, today is special we need 36 couples representing East, 72 couples representing South, 124 couples representing South and 430 couples representing the North. Then Father called for three more couples to represent the Physical World, the Spiritual World and all the cosmos. These 7 representatives also joined with Hyun Jin Nimís couple to receive the offering. Mother personally picked 7 kinds of fruit as an and placed them on the representative trays. Our role on this day was to receive this blessing from God and give it out to every single part of humanity.

To symbolize this, Father asked us to go outside and offer this fruit in four directions, East, West, South, North and the center. We spread out in four directions on the EG property and cut the fruits in half of thirds and then through them out as an offering of Godís love to all humankind. Father and Mother were still giving out the offering table to every member. Rev. In Hoi Lee and other leaders helped to distribute the offering. Then the offering table was removed and Father asked everybody to squeeze up as closely as possible. Father let everyone squeeze around him and mother. There wasnít an inch to spare.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang was asked to read Hoon Dok Hae from the establishment of Pal Jeong Shik in 1989: The turning point of the battle against Satan was 1988. From that point we could have the exchange marriage. From that point we could restore parentship. You should be connected to your spouse but at the same time you must be connected to True Parents. How are you connected through lineage and True Love. Father tries to save things, even toilet paper. This is a way to show heart for everyone. If you donít take care of fish well you will be lacking. We should be able to utilize the underwater sea. We should not have any walls. We should no longer say, Iím Japanese or American. We should say that Iím am an original daughter that is coming to the land of my hope. What is most important now is not talk but rather ACTION. Pal Jeong Shik represents 8 which has two circles. It represents the restoration of the Elder Son and the establishment and victory centering on True Parents. We must be totally united among all members. We are the representatives of heaven.

Fatherís Prayer: Heavenly Father you have lived such a toilsome life and I realize how painful it must have been. May times we did not know your heart. Without knowing however we cannot fulfill your will. This is why we must have the messiah. W e must understand the archangel and over come the barriers with him through true love. Lucifer must be restored. True Parents discovered all the secrets of heaven. You guided me to do this and I am so grateful for this. Iíve been able to make so many Tribal Messiahs and I am grateful for this. I am now in Kodiak and we are ending this month of August and the number 8 will be settled in this land of Kodiak. Now Iím about to send your representatives to 32 countries. Please let them be victorious wherever they go. Let them always experience your heart and love. We are now here to bring victory vertically and horizontally at this time. We are entering a new age of parentship. Amen, Amen, Amen.

Dr. Yang was asked by Father to read the next the speech that talked about the Proclamation of August 2,, 1989. On the victory of proclaiming Pal Jeong Shik August 1 by the Lunar calendar, (ceremony of 8 stages), I could proclaim Cheon Bu Shik (August 2nd by the Lunar Calendar - Ceremony of the victory of True Parents.) From this victory we are clearly in the position of Abel. No one in Cainís position will be able to accuse me - Not Kim Il Sung or any, because I served them completely. No matter how faithful you are as an individual or couple you cannot go to heaven without restoring your tribe. I set all of these conditions that is why Father could survive.

If I am not victorious God could not attend and take care of me. Without victory God cannot bless me. You should be even more serious than I am. If anyone is dozing here then his nation will collapse. If there are three Jews here and one is sleeping if means that one third of all Jews are in jeopardy. We must restore brothers or sibling conflict. This must be restored. That is why Democracy is not the ultimate form of Government. With the right amount of strategy and money a mafia person can win..

Thatís where Godís love is. America has been hopelessly declining, however with Rev. Moon there is hope. Rev. Moon has such a big heart. With all of America inside my heart there is still more room. What we need is parentism. That heavenly parentism. We must overcome Cain and Abel. Later we must overcome. Democracy is the right wing and the Communist world is the left wing. The left always strikes first (like Cain). Jesus said that he came from Heaven. Thatís because he came from Godís heart. The Messiah comes from heaven. Does your mind order your body. Many times we fail to subjugate the body. We strike our body Ė thatís why we do fasting and prayer. We should go beyond this. There is some sort of Messianism. Abel should win Cain. Not by force, only by love. Messianism is to restore the original state. For this we must have a vertical state, without this we lose our parents and the church. You should be willing to follow Rev. Moon, no matter what. The spiritual connection to Satan must be cut and severed. How can we restore Cain and Abel. After WWII Cain and Abel were restored on a World wide level. What was Danbury Ė it was a 20th century cross. I made two presidents the one in 1980 and the one in 1988. Russia lost hope when they were defeated. But when they found me they found hope. I ruthlessly abandoned my family to do Godís will. Many leaders wanted me to go an easier way. But they didnít understand. Now Americans are beginning to understand. I completely fulfilled my role and even went to Congress and proclaimed Parentship. Through this Cheon Bu Juin we can fulfill the final stage of restoration in the world between Cain and Able. We lost kingship and you should restore it. If you are confident that you can do it raise your hands.

Father: One week ago Father said that one week ago that we must prepare for today. From Servant of Servant, to Adopted Child to child all the way to God. We must be connected by blood lineage. Blood lineage cannot come by one person. It must come through two that come together. Thatís how we can have love. When there is man, there must be woman. Same with siblings, Elder brother can exist because of younger brother, they need each other. Those who live alone are in a pitiful position because they did not know True love. Parents mean a pair. In America there are many that want to live single. This is denying True Love, this is not good. For men to find value, he needs a woman and woman needs man to find True Love. Why is a widower so pitiful, because they have no subject or object to love. In the garden of Eden was there free sex. What Iím doing is making you owners of True Love. We have to establish the world of True Love, not through free sex. We must seek for absolute love. Man needs woman and woman needs man. Thatís why we should be united for eternity. No matter how many relationships we might have, we should seek for absolute love. We should know why we lost true love. How many Japanese women are here ? How many American sisters are here? Not so many. This is a problem, we are here to save America, but there are mostly Japanese sisters here. Then America will become Japanese. You should have fresh love which is eternal. You must have eternal womenís love. Eternal womenís love must have the love of an eternal man. Love is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. People are only talking about it. Why were men born. The master of all those creations are human beings, those who think about selfish love are swindlers. All the creation is true and they form in pairs. The insects and the animals form pairs. Look at the Salmon all in pairs. Animals, regardless of their background they speak the language of True Love. Is they anyone that doesnít want to possess True Love? We all want True Love - everyone raise your hands if you want True Love. (everyone raised their hands).

You should remember the first true love. That is the most important. Western women have clothing that show their breasts and with short pants Ė there is nothing mysterious. The men are the same. They already know everything about each other and therefore they donít want to be married. Everyone wants something mysterious. Men want a feminine soft woman, and women want a masculine even hairy man.

Do you find it a joy to live with your spouse after the blessing? Because your mind and body are fighting you have not tasted True Love in your family. Should America prosper of fall with its current lifestyle. If America continues to go this way they will fall. But because of the Blessed Central Families Ė there is hope for America. You are supposed to save your family members and your tribe. You must come to the point where your tribe is deeply grateful for you and each word you speak. You must raise your children so that they respect their parents. There must be elder and younger brothers and through that there can be siblingship. Everyone in America is very individualistic, they are only centered on the husband / wife relationship Ė which is only centered on one generation. No matter how happy they must be toward each other, they are not happy without a lineage and children. We need three generations to achieve happiness in our family.

You donít need parents, or brothers and sisters? Rejecting having children is not the right thing to do. Then you will just end up with one generation. Homosexuals and Lesbians only live for one generation. Can men and men produce a child. They will be finished within one generation. Now they are trying to legalize homosexuality. Any country that does such a thing will fall. Homosexuality is a means for Satan to destroy humankind. It is more terrible than the disease of leprosy. It is blocking the will of God and is designed to block Godís nation. Now through the blessing, we can change Godís people and create the Kingdom of God.

Every creation is searching for their partner and longing to have their own offspring. Human beings are less than those animals when they reject their lineage and children. What kind of men and women do you want to marry. Do American men want to marry American women. American women want to be the queen but they will lose the men to Japanese women. American men donít like the American women, because they would rather go with the women who will listen to them. Originally America and Japan are enemies to each other. Human beings can distinguish right and wrong. I gave blessings to many American men and Japanese women. When America goes down, and American men are united with the women and the women united with God it can go back up. The white people should marry black and the black should marry white. Now people support that. The CIA is saying that people are becoming Moonize and that is good. Many Asians come here and get Americanized.

Today is the 14th anniversary of Pal Jeong Shik and Cheon Bu Jui. (Parentism). Without this foundation we could not be registered. Did Adam and Eve have children before the fall or after the fall. God never had his own grandchildren. If we are talking about the fall, God doesnít have his own family. Your voices are smaller than my voice. How precious it is to have grandsons and granddaughters.

Satan is the enemy of God. Through the fall three generations were lost. Where did you come from, Satanís world. Now what is the difference Pit Jool. Ė Blood lineage. Many people are now asked to bring about the blessing of marriage. Is it good the Unification Church was established - why Ė because of Pit Jool. Unification church has the power to restore people back to the heavenly blood lineage. There has been hell, and it has been like a prison, we must liberate the people. What must religious believers do. They must restore Godís family with their children. They must come to understand that Father and Mother Moon are their True Parents. They must understand that due to the fall their blood lineage was changed. They became connected to Satan. When they lost God they became very animalistic. They are ruthless. They became far worse and destructive than animals. Now we need a change. What is connected to God will prosper. We are still fighting. Those whose mind and body are not fighting, raise your hand.

Now if the wife is asking us to sacrifice more we need to balance that. Which way does the clock turn Ė to the right. The fall is as if the clock were turning in the opposite direction or should we go continuously. If you donít want to be severed you cannot be go the right direction. To go back to God we have to be severed. We have to have a reversal to bring about such a restoration. If you continue this way it will not work What will happen. To avoid it you have to deny everything. From the humanistic viewpoint you must go against your own desire Ė otherwise you will still go in Satanís direction. You have to sever yourself. You have to correct your picture and go Godís way. We must cut off from Satanís direction.

What Iím trying to say today is that we must have a clean and pure blood lineage and for your marriage to be truly blessed you should marry you enemy. At the time of Sodom and Gomorrah Lotís wife looked back Ė she turned into a pillar of salt and could not go to the final destination. You must not become like this. You must cut off and go the direction of God. We have to marry someone who is coming to an enemy family and make the blessing. From now on when you marry Ė they must marry the enemy. Christians and Muslims must marry. This will eliminate Satanís side. We should not turn back from God. The Muslims should marry Christians Ė from that day on then three generations will be liberated. Now the greatest struggle in the world is between the Muslims and Christians and particularly the separation of Jews and Palestinians. Abraham should have taken care of Ishmaelís mother Hagar. Because Jesus was murdered by the chosen people so much indemnity had to be paid.

In the 6500 couples blessing Father married Koreans and Japanese. He was cursed and criticized for doing this by both Koreans and Japanese. They are enemies. Why did Father do this. So many problems came to our movement because of this. But did I do right or wrong. Now they are saying it was right. Now Muslims and Christians must marry. No matter how difficult it is, it is the right thing to do.

A woman prostitute from Samaria had 5 men. Jesus said he had no place to stay. Had Jesus married and had children he could have made a True Family. The top leaders would have followed him. I have been talking about exchange marriage. Those who are blessed between Japanese and Korean they are calling a "JK" family or a "KJ" family.

If Japan had worked in a different way to prepare for this it could be completely different and Japan would not be in such trouble. American women must change their heart and attitude to men. Japanese women and American women must love each other.

We must do exchange marriage Ė if we donít do this Ė we will not be able to return to the original nation. The three should be united as one people. This is correct. Dr. Yang are you thinking of marrying your children through exchange marriage. They will accept it, this is my destiny. Thatís how you can forgive what went wrong in history. Some just broke their blessing an remarried. That is not good. We must be willing to have an exchange marriage. By having an exchange marriage (Kyo Choi Kyeol Hon) we can structure our life and we do not have to be like. The more difference you have in your marriage the more blessing you will have. From now on this is the way you must give the blessing. All descendants from the exchange marriage must be united. There are 275 family names. Some are great enemies to one another. This is how we can rectify all the problems. From now on you have to listen to me well. Godís providence did not start with the Elder but with the younger. God called Isaac and Jacob as the younger. After the failure of Noahís family. Abraham failed to divide the dove. He had to pay a serious price of indemnity for this. His descendants had to suffer. How must suffering did they have to go. When Abraham was willing to offer his son on Mt. Moriah, now I know that you fear God. Abraham should have embraced his two sons. Ishmael and Isaac and Joseph became the Prime minister of Egypt. Isaac should have brought Esau to Egypt and he did not. Sarah did not embrace Haggar and Ishmael. Do you think God wanted Ishmael to be expelled. God wanted him to embrace him. That is why it is important to love the enemy.

What if Joseph had truly loved all the Egyptians then the Israelites would not have had to suffer for 400 years. Now Moses killed one Egyptian. He should not have killed an Egyptian soldier. From this point restoration could not be done. Why did Jacobís mother Rebecca cooperate with Jacob and deceive Isaac. The first offering was failure so that through the second son there could be restoration. Because God and Adam were deceived. To restore that Isaac and Esau had to be deceived. Esau wanted to kill Jacob. When Esau was deceived he was enraged. Jacob was united with his mother and this laid the indemnity condition. When Jacob went to uncle Laban he spent 21 years. He married Rachel and Leah. When they left Leah took an Idol with her and hid it under Rachelís basket. It took 7 years to restore individual 14 years to restore the family and 7 more years to restore material. On the way to seeing Esau he encountered an angel and all night they wrestled and struggled. His hip was thrown out of joint and Jacob never gave up. The Angel gave him the blessing of being called "Israel" . When Jacob went to Esau he was wise. Esau was enraged. He was willing to offer everything that he had to Esau. This had to restore the fact that Abraham did not cut the dove and pigeon in half.

Everything must be offered for the nation, for the people. Judah had three sons. Two sons were killed, through Tamar pretending that she was a prostitute tempted her father in law. After Abrahams mistake, pagan blood lineage was mixed with Abraham. Therefore to indemnify that Judah had to be connected with Tamar. This is how Jesus could be born through Mary and Zechariah.

This is why the restoration of Perez and Zerah had to exchange and the younger became the elder restoring Cain and Abel. Jesus was the saint of all saints Ė therefore he had to go through extraordinary restoration and go through a very complicated process that seems illegitimate to the world. But the purpose was to purify the blood lineage. This had to be accomplished through indemnity conditions. Jacob had two wives Rachel and Leah. This was the background of my wives.

Sun Jin Nimís mother should have helped but she did not want to. This made restoration so complicated. Now UN should bring all nations together under the religious council. Through Pal Jeong Shik and Choen Bu Jui we can have a new embarkation and go into to a realm of peace and go into the ideal world.

No one should be in a position to look back. We must completely cut. The Muslims believe in an eye for and eye. To unify North and South Korea America must stand correctly. To understand this we must go through a new path with the UN., Centering on the religious realm we should establish the Kingdom of Heaven. We are now proclaiming the Cheon Il Guk before God. We are liberating everyone now, and venturing on blessed families, I can now appoint everyone in the spirit world. Now all five religious founders, centering on them, I can now mobilize everyone in both worlds.

Centering on Jesus all religions are uniting Ė the commander in chief is Heung Jin Nim. Three of my sons went into the spirit world and are representing the Abel type world. Liberation ceremonies are being given to our members in Cheong Pyeong. Now everyone must be engrafted to the true olive tree. We should establish Godís nation centered on True Parents. We should help until this nation is established. We must now bring peace. We should be able to bring about the world of total liberation. Do you understand? You should know that God had been leading the dispensation centering on Blood lineage. Through Rachel and Leah, Mother and Grandmother and the position of the servant. For 8 stages to be established the children of the direct lineage must be united. Through Absolute faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute Obedience, Jesus should have had a family. Jesus should have been able to complete the 8 stage process. Individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, world , cosmos and then God. Vertical and Horizontal 8 stages. Servant of Servant, Servant, Adopted Son, Son, Husband, Father , True Father, God.

If an American is marrying an American it is not an exchange marriage. It must go beyond the national boundaries. Must go through 8 stages. This must be restored through exchange marriage. Many entertainers are so popular and made look powerful but their lives are not so principled.

No matter how filial we may be, if we make the mistake of the fall the lineage is destroyed. How many times you deceived me. When I asked you to do the blessing on your own, you looked from the family you liked. You now heard me before more than 1000 people. You should not betray your pledge.

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