Unification News for September 2003

Los Angeles ACLC Monthly Prayer Breakfast

by Rev. Henning

Saturday, August 23, the ACLC Prayer Breakfast with the theme of "Peacemakers" from the Beattitudes was held at Opportunity Baptist Church with a capacity crowd of 150 and seventy different ministries represented. We opened at 8:30 with prayer and readings from the Old Testament (1st Israel), New Testament (2nd Israel) and the Qar’an (Fellow Son of Abraham) and The Seoul Declaration (Third Israel).

Following a bountiful breakfast prepared by volunteers, the "Road to Victory in Jerusalem" video was shown and Dr. William Johnson, Superintendent of CME churches, testified strongly to the movement for peace he witnessed at the WCSF and the Religious Leaders Summit Meeting in Korea. This was followed by a video presentation on the work of the IIRF and a short video tribute to the Life and Ministry of True Father.

Mr. Andy Weiss, Coordinator of the AFC in Southern California explained the Proposal for the Religious Leaders’ Advisory Council for the general assembly of the UN. The petition was unanimously approved and signed by all in attendance. He went on to explain the role of an Ambassador for Peace. Rev. Henning as MC gave the details on completing and returning forms, not only for new candidates, but recommendation forms for Ambassadors of Peace to invite their associates and high level contacts. Testimonies from the Lasting Love Conference in Korea were shared by R Sc P Nina Alexander, who received a standing ovation for her remarks, and the youth minister from Calvary CME in Pasadena, Minister Anthony Owens who shared how the conference has impacted his life to have hope for world peace.

Already more than one-hundred clergy in the greater Los Angeles area are Ambassadors for Peace, and many attending this breakfast were encouraged to hear of the follow-up education and appointment ceremony to be held October 4th in the Little Zion MBC, a church of fifteen thousand congregants where Dr. Jerome H. Fisher is pastor. The Ambassadors of Peace Coordinator, Mayor Keith McCarthy, has plans to co-host a formal luncheon that day as one-hundred more Ambassadors are appointed and the certificates are presented.

The hosting church was thrilled with the event and invited me to preach the sermon and give the charge to the pastor and congregation at the installation service of the new pastor, Rev. R. W. Taylor. He made it clear that ACLC had made history in South Los Angeles that day and that we were so welcome for any future events.

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