Unification News for September 2003

Region 7: Unity and Courageous Education Start to Bear Fruits

by Gwenn Bair

In early September, the FFWPU Regional Director couple Rev. Ki Yeal Lee and his wife ___ left the Ohio/WV/Indiana region for their new mission area of upstate NY. We parted in tears.

Two outstanding and memorable farewell events were held. First, there was a Ministers Farewell Banquet. 55 ministers gathered from our region on a Saturday evening to share grateful testimonies and memories of Rev. and Mrs. Lee and to bid them Godspeed.

Then on Sunday afternoon, it was celebration time as church members of all ages quickly overcame their shyness (when we realized we were all as out of practice as the next guy) and danced for almost two hours. No, we werent dancing because we were glad the Lees were leaving. We were sad to see them go, but decided to have a "celebration instead of a funeral". Marquis Van De Mark had hired a great little party band for our farewell celebration. Four of the children of Vince and Su Young then did an exciting Kung Fu performance. We ended the day with heartfelt testimonies and a tearful good-bye to the Lee family.

Recent Harvest

Reverend Juan Morales, a Mexican brother, is our assistant Regional Director, who came to Ohio two months ago. Reverend Lee said that more has been accomplished in these last two months than in the two years since he and his wife have been in Ohio. Why is that?

Rev. Morales attributes it to the good old formula of unity with central figure. He came to Ohio 100% determined to lay aside any pride, and unite totally with Rev. Lee. Seeing his passion to educate ministers, our church members began to bring their minister friends to Rev. Morales in their homes or at our church. These ministers would then receive a blast of Divine Principle education, especially Mission of the Messiah and the fact that Jesus did not come to die. It has been well received and understood by many of these ministers.

Because of the investment of heart and effort by Rev. and Mrs. Lee in our region, and because of their family truly being one which is living "on the altar" of God, Rev. Morales feels we are now able to HARVEST quickly and well. Some of the local members have been diligently visiting and nurturing various churches in recent years. These ministers, who have a relationship of friendship and trust with our members, are perhaps now ready to understand the deeper content we have been longing to share.

In Cleveland, at a monthly prayer breakfast, nine pastors were educated on the DP view of Jesus true mission, and why the cross should be taken down. The "Victory in Jerusalem" video was also shown. They understood, and helped bring the number to 19 pastors at the next prayer breakfast. Rev. Lee taught that the DP is a divine revelation from God, and the ministers are beginning to understand the importance of Rev. Moons message.

Receive Gods Word

Have you heard the voice of ___, Rev. Lees wife? It is one which reaches to the heart of her listeners, and is given in prayer and love. She has spent countless hours performing (in sickness and in health) for the benefit of many churches. She recently sang "To God Be the Glory" in one church, and the Holy Spirit was so strongly present that the whole congregation wept for 20 minutes. This opened the way for Rev. Morales to deliver a powerful sermon. He feels he can always deliver a good speech when she opens the way with her singing first.

Rev. Morales commented, "Because of Rev. Lees heart, I was inspired to make effort to unite. I feel because of the strong unity we could establish, Ohio could change. Also, because of Rev. and Mrs. Lees investment, and since they are moving away, I feel God wanted to show them their effort was not in vain. Its important to unite. With unity centered on heart and love, results can come."

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