Unification News for September 2003

National Parent Day in California

by Isabelle S. Davati

The fifth annual parents/teachers. Students/Grandparents/Model employee and Model businesses of the year was held on July 27 at Ontario Elks club. This year NPD had sponsored an Essay Contest On: PURE LOVE WAITS: American teens and Abstinence. I was able to contact school districts, among the six High School districts in the Inland Empire we were able to have two of the school districts approve our flyer and encourage their students to participate in Pure Love Contest.

The outstanding parents of the year from the cities of Ontario, Pastor Paul & Faith Schaumack, Outstanding parents of the year Pastor Larry & Janet Neville from the city of Rancho Cucamonga, Officer Paul & Robin Phole from the Police depart of the city of Montclair, Mr. & Mrs. Bannales from the city of Pomona and other cities. Honorable Mayor Paul Eaton was our honorary Chairman who himself is a devoted Christian and a supporter of NPD for the past five years.

Honorable Mayor Gary Ovitt from the city of Ontario also has been a strong supporter of NPD from the very beginning and he is also the elder at the Methodist church in my city. Mayor Edward Cortez mayor of Pomona was also present and he is a Christian and mayor of Upland John Pomierski, Mayor pro team from the city of Rancho Cucamonga and assembly woman's McLeod were present send from the city of Montclair Councilman was present. Guest speaker was Dr. Jim Willoughby very popular pastor from the Echoes of Faith, and active church and Christian school director addressed the opening remarks. Many ministers from a variety of churches including Lather Day Saints, Assembly of God, LightHouse, Calvary faith Center and others. Model business of the year; Latino Art Museum, a non profit organization to promote Latino Art and Culture in USA was selected. The Model Employee of the year was from Fire Department of the city of Rancho Cucamonga. The Outstanding Grandparents of the year Alice & Al Perez and many others.

From the Spanish Newspaper Del Monde and English Newspaper, Daily Bulletin we had reporters.

People of diverse backgrounds, church leaders of six different church and mayors of six cities and dignitaries and law makers and police and fire department, people from all walks of life were the participants at the NPD in Ontario. The final closing Remarks by Isabelle Davati, invited the participants to join hands and recite the Pure Love Pledge in unison after Rev. Tim Henning. The NPD was able to break down the cold barrier of separation of church and state and created a family feeling environment that the public officials and religious leaders would hold hands and take a stand for healthy well adjusted families and SAVE THE NATION.

The motto was, "Stand for family and save the nation."

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