Unification News for August 2003

International Young Leaders Conference for Good Governance and Global Peace

The International Young Leaders Conference for Good Governance and Global Peace was held at Sun Moon University Gymnasium in Asan, Korea. About a thousand participants gathered at the venue on Thursday, July 31st. In spite of having just arrived the previous evening, they overcame their travel fatigue to attend the opening ceremony at nine in the morning in beginning a fifteen-day conference.

The opening address was given by International Educational Foundation President Dr. Joon-ho Seuk who stressed the importance of the conference the purpose of which is to face the challenges of the future and find the way to reunify North and South Korea and bring about world peace.

Representing Sun Moon University which supports the event, President Kyung-june Lee gave a congratulatory speech. She hoped that all participants would work for North-South Reunification and World Peace through the conference. She also felt that this could be a chance for them to understand each other and make new and lasting friendships despite the diversity of their backgrounds. In the confidence that world peace could be achieved through their efforts, she asked everyone for their positive participation.

Following the congratulatory speech, representatives of the participating nations came to the stage to introduce themselves and give their impressions and to express their determination to give of their best in the course of the conference.

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