Unification News for August 2003

Celebrating Declaration of the Realm of The Cosmic Sabbath

by Rev. Michael Jenkins

The ceremony was held August 4, 2003 at North Garden, Kodiak, Alaska. In Alaska the sun goes down at 11 pm at this time of the year therefore Father can go out much longer or at anytime. Suddenly he went for fishing at 5 pm on Sunday night the night before pledge service. Father and Mother came back at around 7:30 pm and the leaders from around the world had dinner and closed the evening.

We gathered for the main pledge service at 6:30 in preparation for the 7 am pledge service. Rev. Sun Jo Hwang International President of the FFWPUI and Dr. Yang, North American Continental director worked to make sure everything was prepared for our True Parents. Rev. Hwang went over the procedures for this holy day pledge service. Representatives from the three primary nations of Korea, Japan and America as well as all the major religions of the world are all represented by Blessed Couples. One unique aspect of pledge that began on May 31 with the True Day of All Things is that Dae Mo Nim (Represented by Hoon Mo Nim) now bows together with True Children. Today, Mrs. Chang (the bride of Jesus) also was asked to bow with True Children. This means that they are representatives of the True Family before heaven. Also representatives are chosen from the Cain world and the Abel world as well as the spirit world.

At Pledge the offering table was a beautiful and rich offering before the Lord. All the fruits of creation are perfectly stacked in circular towers. In addition, candy, cookies and every imaginable representation of the creation is there as well as prepared dishes for God.

Father and Mother entered and the room was silent and holy. We wore Sunday dress for pledge with no holy robes. Father began with lighting the candles. First the one on the far right, then the left then back and forth toward the center. Some of the candles were not so easy to light so Father asked Dr. Yang to bring the far right candle that was burning. Then True Mother took that candle with Dr. Yang's help and continued to light the candles. True Parents stood side by side facing the altar and offered prayer before heaven. Then True Parents bowed. One interesting thing at this service was that Father and Mother together went to their places behind the altar. Then the True Family members came to bow with Dae Mo Nim and Jesus' bride. Then all blessed couples bowed. Then the three primary nations and then the representatives from each continent. Dr. Yang (North America) and many more. Rev. Eugene Harnet represented Europe and Rev. Ernie Ho represented Africa. Then the various representatives came and bowed.

Father is at 100% full power. Father wore a dark blue suit with light blue shirt and maroon tie, Mother wore a green knit suit with stripes of black and white trim on the cuffs and the front. Mother and Father are the Parents of Heaven and Earth and they are standing with such an air of dignity and heart. After the prayers True Parents cut the holiday cake and then Dr. Yang led three cheers of Ok Monsei. True Parents distributed the offering table to True Family, including Dae Mo Nim and Jesus' bride. Then to everyone through Rev. Hwang and Dr. Yang.

True Parents chairs were brought out to the right of the altar and we began our Hoon Dok Hae.

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