Unification News for August 2003

Speech in Kodiak, Alaska

Sun Myung Moon

These are from notes taken by Rev. Jenkins on August 6, 2003, North Garden, Kodiak, Alaska

In order to support the Interreligious Council (IC) we had to bless 13 presidents in the spirit world. In the Buddhist realm we must mobilize the good spirits. Centering on Confucius and the saints including Jesus -- all are asked to come down and work through their followers. The more you are persecuted the more you will go up. The responsibility of the blessed families in the spirit world and physical world is going up. All the tribes have to be gathered and come to the place where we could declare Kingship. I was able to unite the Moon clan. Without that we could not move.

Before I was 16 any connection to the false lineage was cut off. You have to break down the walls in the neighborhood with Tong Bang Kyok Pa. I started this when Kim Young Sam was president. You must establish Tong Bang Kyok Pa and bless all the neighbors. Then educate. In this age of confusion this is the process of raising them up. There will be many problems and difficulties. You have to make three people that can inherit your mission. Without uniting the three you can't succeed. The 36 couples were key. To create the industries I invested my bone, blood, life and heart. Because the 36 couples could not complete their responsibility much was lost.

When I was born, I became famous in that area. You need training, in Judo, Won Hwa Do and all ways of strengthening. From now on will be a scary time. My body has to be able to manage this time. Dr. Lee (the Dr. who has been providing a special treatment for True Parents and our leaders) where are you going. You have to follow me around everywhere. Even if I go to prison. Through exercising in prison I could keep my health. You must exercise to keep your health. (Father demonstrated exercise against the wall like he did in prison. With his hands on the wall he pushed as hard as he could and he marched with exaggerated steps.) Mother said laughing, " Abonim, is this hoon dok hae or exercise class -- everyone laughed." Father then taught us many exercises.

Even if you have to skip your meals, you should be longing to be with True Parents. You must bring your children, you grandchildren and all your family. Who is the leader of the family, the grandmother brings all the food when the family gathers and the grandfather directs the family. In the world until the second advent there is no true husband.

In the Unification Church at first there were many grandmothers. I was like their grandson. Many were asked, why are you going to this young person? To correctly establish the family of God we must have exchange marriage or marriage beyond race and culture. I married so many couples from Japan and Korea together. Without that Japan would have no way to go. Because of this several thousand individuals came and married in Korea and became residents.

Centering on the parents of heaven and earth the whole cosmos is being unified. You must believe in the Unification Church. It's not only the Unification Church, we need the media. True Love is the key. When you go home you should embrace your parents, embrace your object and give love.

Exercise is important. Taking out the bad physical blood is important. (Dr. Lee's treatment). In breathing, no one can beat me. When you walk there is a pattern for walking. I used to walk 20 km per day. I also never lie. You cannot lie and deceive people. If you plant a seed it blooms and grows. The smell and colors are completely different than the seed. When I go up to Sorak mountain, even if it is raining I go to the top. From the top I said I am the owner. All things respond to me.

The white people are white and black people are black -- centering on the true Christian teaching they can be connected and go up together. This is the principle.

Concerning Maria Park, the President of Ehwa University. She persecuted and opposed us. Father found her with her son and husband in the worst hell in the spirit world. Father is liberating her.

From now, even though people know the truth they will go the opposite way. Some came to the Unification church but came only for their own benefit. They will walk the wrong way. What is the Eve nation, why can't I forget about the Eve nation. Even going to the prison to give all of my inheritance is worth the price. Centering on the economic aspect Eve has to support Korea. Through the third generation, restoration can be accomplished.

When I feel any area of my body going down, I immediately begin to work on it. I treat and exercise it to make it strong again. Rev. Hwang you have an interesting wife. She is a person that will serve at any time even in a train. Who is Rev. Hwang,

If some part of your body is painful, you have to keep moving it and eventually it will heal. Now True Mother is going through healing and her body is recovering as well as mine.

Everything that I do I must watch carefully. Everything must be according to the principle. I'm doing this all in front of Jesus. Ms. Chang -- you must go in front of the public now. Within the realm of blessing we are going forward.

In the early days the if the early Christians that connected with us they would have received so much blessing from God. In prison, everyday, I cleaned my body with cold water. I used part of my one cup per day to clean my body. I did it very quickly when no one was looking. They used sewage water for showers. I didn't use that. I wiped my body with drinking water. I didn't live as I wanted to live. I received the name Holy Lamb of Prison. Think of the messiah in prison, what kind of miserable things I went through. That's why no one could judge me. Coming out of Soh Dae Mun prison. I talk about these kind of things because now is the time to go back. You cannot have the mind to develop your business in my name. The person who went to develop his own business in his own name, his children went to all different universities and they all fell. That's why you must live according to the principle way.

The reason why I like Kodiak. There is no owner here. In the winter, everyone runs away. I can make a training center here. You can fish and go to the ocean. You can sell the fish, this is a tremendous place for training.

How about soccer. How many are interested in soccer. On the surface or in depth.

Now the fishing limit has been extended to 200 miles off of the U.S. shore. Who went into the water? One boat had a problem yesterday and sank. Several key leaders went into the water. Father gave a lot a guidance about it.

Realm of Israel is being created by the unity of the first, second and third Israel. The mission of the ACLC Christians with Israel is very crucial right now for the completion and unity of the third Israel. We must fulfill. As the mother of the chosen people (Ms. Chang -- the bride of Jesus) you have to participate in all these events. You must go to Rome and to Israel. If you don't go you don't know what will happen.

Rev. Kwak's mother went to a very high place with the saints.

Concerning Soccer: The world should be divided into 6 continents centering on the church leader. Don't use the public things horizontally. Each continent has 51 Africa 37 in Asia 36 in ? -- each should compete and form teams for every nation and form and all continent teams. Make two teams in Africa, North and South uniting, east and west uniting. Through soccer you can unite all peoples. On our teams there is no recognition of western and eastern. They play as one and develop one heart.

On Attendance: To attend True Parents on your own is 20 times more valuable than being told to come. Attendance to True Parents is the key to the victory. Whatever I do, in Alaska or around any part of the world. I am able to teach God's way of life and about the future. If I go somewhere then Mother will follow. Mother has to be able to follow Father. The elder children must unite with their parents. The elder daughter and Father must become one. The daughter likes the Father and the Son likes the Mother it makes a good foundation for the other brothers and sisters.

When you catch the fish that lived in the Ocean for 20 years then you catch a 500 lb. Halibut and then offer it. How wonderful it is. In just one hour you can catch your dinner. Then your wife can cook the delicious dinner and its better than any hotel how wonderful it is. If the wife cooks and makes such a delicious dinner but doesn't eat until the husband comes home, how happy it is.

Three nations centering on Korea, Japan and America. You have to make 12 soccer teams. Through this we can educate the highest level people.

Up until the age of thirty is when I discovered the principle and developed it. Now the principle, 50 years later has not changed. That's why it is so valuable and fundamental. I've been doing this by declaring and understanding.

Hobby Industry is going to be very important for the Kingdom of heaven. Fishing, Hunting and outdoors adventures. We will go to the real living museum. That will bring great fulfillment in life.

Now is the time for harvest. Christianity and all the religions are being mobilized. Now is the time that we can unify the world.

Here in Kodiak, you must reopen the processing plant. Kodiak will develop from now.

Dr. Yang -- the first and second Israel unity is crucial isn't it. When we make the Israel declaration there will not be any opposition. All of this came on the foundation of Father's declaration at the Washington Times. Without money many things you can resolve. Dr. Yang you need money to do all these things. All money raised must go for the sake of the nation and the world.

To develop America ten times more money that was made in Japan has to be made. I don't know how long I will be here in DC. We have to think about the development of America. If you cannot accomplish this the world will perish. Centering on this 2400 people you should move America. In small nations I want to make a training center of living for others.

Lasting Love Conference must be done in every university. Abel UN has to be made. The Washington Times and UPI must be responsible for this. In the summer it will be golf and fishing all the time. A world level movement has to be developed centering on 4 to 5 countries. We have to have peace tour centering on the UN concept. We have to develop education centering on this concept. Sun Moon University, and the Media foundation must be used well. You can organize everything through the internet and email. All nations have to accept Unificationism. Now the time has come to make a universal city and reach all the highest realms of every government and structure.

What is the holiday for the 7.8 Jeol. That was the foundation to make the new UN. That occurred 7 years ago. You must make a tradition of Hoon Dok Hae with your family. This is very important. We must connect through Hoon Dok Hae. You must do Hoon Dok Hae and bring three families together for it. 30 minutes husband can read, 30 minutes the wife can read. No matter what happens you must establish the condition of Hoon Dok Hae at your home. Sometimes you can finish in one and one half hours. You must establish Hoon Dok Hae in your home. My words are not my words. They are God's words. Heavenly Father and the spiritual world teaches through Father. Content of a proclamation is not a temporary word. It's not my word. Sometimes, I can't find the theme of my speech even 5 minutes before, then suddenly when I speak God comes. Many of the things that I teach I do not know but then these contents are revealed by God. Just eating and playing around is not the right thing to do. You must do hoon dok hae. with your children.

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