Unification News for August 2003

New Eatery at New Yorker

Restaurateur August Ceradini, Jr., who runs the maritime dining conglomerate World Yacht, is teaming up with New Jersey restaurateur Carmine Cabell in a new venture: a restaurant at the New Yorker Hotel

With a working name of My House, to open in mid-2004, the eatery is intended to become an upscale supper club and event palace where the glass-walled kitchen can be used as a TV studio. The 25,000-square-foot space is spread over four levels and includes the former sumptuous brass and marble Manufacturers Hanover Bank space.

"It has floor-to-ceiling 30-foot windows and a vault in which 20 people can dine," said Andrew Pitel of Garrick-Aug Store Leasing who repped both owner and tenant.

Kevin Smith, general manager of the hotel, said he is excited about the cross promotions with the Ramada franchise. He said they consider this a great addition to the hotel, which also just signed the Barbizon School of Modeling to a portion of the office space. "We want to make sure it stays a high-level up-standing establishment," Smith said. "We want to keep everything upbeat."

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