Unification News for August 2003

Jerusalem Pilgrimage Geth Semane Stones Rev. Winfrey

by Rev. Michael Jenkins

Father has asked that we complete two more pilgrimages to Israel. He emphasized the importance of the next Pilgrimage to Israel which will include an historic march for peace for Moslems, Christians and Jews and will be held from September 15 -- 22nd. It will be totally religious in nature.

We sincerely ask your prayers and support at this time. Donations have been pouring in for the Geth Semane Stones. They are stones picked from the exact area that True Father identified as the place where Jesus prayed. They are being mounted on a natural Olive wood base with a plate with Father's signature and acknowledgment that your family directly supported the historic dispensation to unite the first and second Israel.

Please support this dispensation immediately. Please give your support in prayer and in substance. Upon the foundation of your sacrifice we can fulfill Father's next direction for the Second Pilgrimage and the march from Gaza to Geth Semane and on to the Wailing Wall. Our Moslem world leaders are deeply praying and supporting this historic event in which we want to heal the pain of history through atonement and reconciliation of Isaac and Ishmael.

Father said the three Israel's are now one in God's eyes and that this oneness includes the embrace of the Moslem family and all the religions of the world.

However we must solidify and deepen the relationship of the three Israels with each other and bring all the Abrahamic faiths together through the Blessing and continued education and dialogue. Through the victory of the Jerusalem, Washington and Seoul declarations the conditions have been set that have unified Israel as one. The Seoul Conference of IIFWP was of particular importance because major world Moslem leaders also played a key role in bringing unity and understanding among the world religions. Father emphasized continually that these events are on such a solid course due to the support of the major founders the great religions from the spirit world. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius and Hindu leaders and all the saints of the Jewish and Christian traditions are pouring down spiritual support and revelation from the spirit world. We can see a miracle occurring right before our eyes.

As an example of this spirit, In the Middle East panel of the IIFWP conference led by Mr. Taj Hammad, Rev. John Winfrey of ACLC, a white Southern Baptist minister said, " Many call me Brother John and I'm a Baptist minister. That's right John the Baptist !! I am here to testify that this is totally real. This is the time of the Second Coming, there is no doubt in my mind that we must go forward now with tremendous faith. We have the mandate and the authority to bring peace in the Middle East. God has blessed this effort and we will not fail. Through this America must become a new country. Christians must rise above their own differences and in the love of Jesus come to understand that God has created the Jewish faith, Moslem religion, the Hindu religion, the Buddhist religion all for His Divine Purpose. If we go forward with the love that Jesus had for all humanity all the barriers will crumble before our eyes. That's why the movement to take down the cross will expand. We feel the anointing of the Lord on our effort. The cross has as a symbol doesn't convey the essence of Jesus and that is his victory in Love and his victory over death through his oneness with God. We now must become one with God and receive our crown. Father Moon is truly being guided by God in this dispensation with the anointing of Jesus. When we do we will achieve victory over death and with this power we will end the bloodshed in the Middle East. That time has now come upon us. We are going again to the Holy Land and we are confident in the Love of God."

Rev. Winfrey mentioned a scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where one is asked to choose which cup to drink from, and the person made the wrong choice and was told, "you chose poorly". He went on to explain, "I am telling you in faith today that we have a choice today. If we chose to trust in the Lord and allow our faiths to become one then we will chose the right way. If we "choose poorly" and remain separate and fail to head the call of God, then we may miss our chance to be a part of the coming Kingdom of God. "

I was sitting with one Jewish leader who said after Rev. Winfrey's presentation smiling, "He is good, he is sincere and I like what he is saying. I can support this."

Then a key leader from Syria spoke. He gave a powerpoint presentation that was very deep. Reciting verse after verse from the Koran in Arabic an in Aramaic (the original language that Jesus spoke). As he spoke in English and recited incredible verses from the Koran in English and Aramaic the atmosphere changed. It was a spirit of God. Truly, when we go deep into the scriptures that God revealed in the major religions we find the spirit of the Lord is there and is working to bring us all together. This is the work of God.

Dr. Wilson gave another brilliant presentation on the fact that if Jesus had been received he could have created a family and the Kingdom of God could have come. Because that didn't happen the Abrahamic family divided into Christianity, Islam and Judaism. They were meant to be one. Now we are achieving the time when they will become one again and the Kingdom of God will come. What is needed now is repentance on all sides.

Mr. Taj Hammad was called by God for such a time as this. He has a very special role in the dispensation as a Moslem -- Unificationist. He immediately creates an atmosphere of understanding and trust. As he was the Chairman of this panel you can feel how God called and prepared certain people to come to Father and be the bridge for the Kingdom. Taj conveys the heart of God and True Parents with such depth that you can fell that the Christians, Muslims and Jews feel a sense of peace from him. We thank God for Taj.

My brothers and sisters, please support the next pilgrimage. History is opening before our eyes. Through the IIFWP and Rev. Kwak and Dr. Walsh, God and the network of national messiah's throughout the 193 nations of the world, God has created the foundation in which all the major religious leaders of the world are coming together now. Being guided by True Father they are coming to see the possibility of the cooperation between the religions with each other and the nations of the world to usher in the Kingdom of God. Through True Parents indemnity course and victory over death the world is now rapidly moving into the Kingdom of God.

Rise up America and become the moral and religious force that God prepared you to be. Help us find the Christians who will end the cross and build the Kingdom. Help us find the Rabbis and the Imams who hear the voice of God in the Last Day. Rise up America, support the healing of the Middle East and bring that victory all the way to the Fatherland at which time we will see our conditions cause the walls of the DMZ to come tumbling down.

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