Unification News for August 2003

In Memoriam Asako Kimura

Reverend Hubert Mahoungou
Jackson, Mississippi.

The passing of Asako Kimura on February 11th, 2003 in Jackson Mississippi from a long sickness. Her Seung Hwa took place in Mobile Alabama on February 13th, 2003.

She was born on September 13th, 1920 in Yokohama City , Japan. She was the daughter of Senji and Koyuki Sato. She did have three sisters and one brother. She joined the Unification Church in 1965 in Nagoya, Japan. She was married to Kurazo Kimura and together were blessed in 1976 in Seoul, Korea. She worked as a house wife. She has raised up her daughter Fumiko Demura who is in Business mission with her husband Tomio Demura.

The story of Asako Kimura is filled with sacrifice and obedience. She was a model, she has donated every thing the Church needed in her City of Japan, from food to materials and money. She sold even the Family house in Japan in order to pay for Church debts. When she came to America in 1996, She donated the whole money she had to start the restaurant business. two month after her arrival, her husband Kurazo Kimura went to the Spirit World.

When she was healthy, every time she attended True Parents, she did every thing to be shoulder to shoulder with True Parents. She got many pictures souvenirs with True Parents.

For those who knew her, sickness did not take away her heart of love, when she could not walk anymore, she requested to see every blessed child born in Mississippi. She taught all of us a good example in tithing , she did give always her tithes until her last breath even when she could not pay for her medications.

She was even very obedient to her own daughter Fumiko Demura, she never rejected her daughter opinion no matter what.

Go in peace "Obatcha", we will always be thinking of you.

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