Unification News for August 2003

Korea: Lasting Love Conference

by Rev Michael Jenkins

The Lasting Love Conference is a new step in the providence of our work with University students and professors.   Father mentioned that because China, Russia, America, Japan and Korea all had a responsibility in the division of the Fatherland then representatives of each nation must come to Korea and make a condition to help rectify that division.  Under Rev. Kwak as the International Chairman,  Dr. Seuk and Dr. Chang Shik Yang have been the Co-Chairmen. The President of FFWPU  and World CARP Leader from each of these providential nations stood as the Coordinators of this event.   Mr. Jin Man Kwak was one of the Vice Chairman.  This is being achieved through the students representing those nations at the Lasting Love Conference. 

The Conference is unique in that three years ago when we had such a conference Father's words in Hoon Dok format were used as the basis of the education. Now, as with the clergy, the Divine Principle was the core teaching and the basis of the teaching for the students.  The quality of the students from all the nations was absolutely outstanding.  From Tokyo University,  Beijing University,  Taipei University,  Seoul National University,  Sun Moon University,  Yale University -- many of the premier world institutions of learning had their representatives there.   Professors also attended.

The core Divine Principle teaching was under Dr. Yang and Mrs. Eu's direction.  Rev. David Reed and Rev. Michael Jenkins were the lecturers.  Rev. Joshua Cotter was a key educator and coordinator of the whole event.  We sincerely thank CARP in the USA under Joshua's leadership.  Many students were the guests of our fine STF members who have been opening up the door of witnessing through the campuses of America.  Our Berkeley chapter is showing particular success. 

The morning sessions were the straight Divine Principle translated in the languages through interpreters.  Because of the Hoon Dok style the consistency and power of the word was felt equally by all nations.  Rev. Reed has become a very clear and precise lecturer on Father's teaching.  What excites many of the participants is that through this lecture method they could follow along in their books (which had the same diagrams and contents but translated into their language.) It provided a very clear basis for understanding the core of the Principle.  The majority could come away with it as a powerful and extremely important teaching for the family and the unity of all nations for peace. 

In the afternoon,  in depth sessions on Internal Guidance were given by Rev. Cotter each day.  I had the chance to share with them about Father's principle of loving ones enemies and the providence of the unity of the first and second Israel.  The American group had a very good base of diversity.  Christians, Moslems and a number of Jewish students as well as Hindu's and many of the world religions.  They could see just from being together that our movement has the power to bring peace between Moslems, Christians and Jews and also the power to bring harmony between the east and the west.

Just imagine.  We were teaching the Principle today to 1,000 students.  Russians and Chinese were hearing about the final stage of conflict between Democracy and Communism and the question posed by the principle as to whether this world wide Cain Abel conflict would be ended in global war or through natural surrender between enemies.  We know the answer. Through the incredible course of education, spiritual conditions and sacrifice the global world war was solved with a natural surrender and unity and cooperation between the two historical brothers.  Now they are working together through these young people and our commission today became most clear. 

We had come together where the global conflict between democracy and communism began in Korea and through the unity of these nations and the vast spirit world connected with each of these nations we will end this final division and world wide conflict.  The DMZ is coming down. If we unite with True Parents -- we will see the walls come down just like when the Berlin wall fell.  The wall between Palestinians and Israelis is about to fall.  The wall between North and South is about to fall.

Stand strong now blessed couples and believe in the Lord.  We have the power and authority.  Wasn't it True Father who stood alone and was ridiculed when he predicted in the 1970's that communism would fall after 70 years.  Father set the condition.  By teaching the truth of Godism to clergy and various professionals and veterans groups history was transformed and the walls between the Soviet sphere and American came tumbling down.

Father explained to us one time why it happened.  It wasn't just that the clergy heard the truth -- more importantly the spirit world could hear the truth through them.  Sometimes 30,000 could receive the truth in the spirit world through one pastor attending the CAUSA seminar.  Father educated 70,000 clergy in that crucial period leading up to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Marxist Lenninist state in Russia.  It meant that hundreds of millions in the spirit world could hear and be strengthened by this truth.  Then the spirit behind the power of the Soviet state lost its "salt" and President Gorbachev, on Jesus birthday in 1990 proclaimed the end of the empire.   

When I taught the 1000 students the principle, I could feel that though many did not comprehend what they were hearing,  millions in the spirit world did.  They heard the truth and they will pour down from the heavenly realm upon the soil of the Fatherland knowing now that the final wall between Communism and Democracy must now fall down.  The Principle teaches that what will emerge is the a "merger" of these two forces to form the Kingdom of God on earth.

That's what we are building: the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The students shouted when they were asked what are we building -- "A world of Peace!"  That's the Kingdom of heaven.

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