Unification News for August 2003

ACLC DC: "Welcome Home Champions of Peace’

The ACLC in Washington DC sponsored a lunch July 24, 2003 to welcome home the Interreligious Sports Peace Festival (ISPF) Silver Medallist Basketball Team representing Washington, DC and the USA. These are the remarks made by Father Adrien Bayo

We the ministers, members and friends of Greater Washington American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) gather today to celebrate family, the community of the faithful, the community of men and woman of God, who are championing the spread of parental love beyond race, class and religion here in the Washington metro area.

Today because of such parental love extended to 14 young men through your contributions to help Pastor Greg Thomas be the best spiritual father in the south east section of Washington DC.

The ACLC stands with Pastor Thomas, Ed Crawford -Coach and the Silver Medallist basketball team that represented not just SE D.C. but the nations capitol and United Sates as a whole, in the World Culture Sports Festival / Inter religious Sports Peace festival held in South Korea from July 5 - July 15 2003. With Heavenly pride for our youth, we salute and congratulate you on this remarkable achievement on and off the basketball court.

The Bible tells us to bear fruit that will last, this is the fruit that will last; when we train up our young in the way of the Lord. When we raise the youth to belong and praise the youth for standing Strong on life's lasting values, true love that transcends space and time and embrace all humankind. Through Godly, association and healthy loving peace seeking competition with emphasis moral in Christ like responsibility. (True love)

Even when many thought they are wrong, they pushed on pressed pass the scorn.

Today we pray for our youth to forge on with vigor, strength and the joy of Christ love as we help channel their passion and compassion for life to overcome prejudice, pain and fear. As we raise a New generation of Faith leaders, to continue to Rebuild the Family, Restore the community and help renew the nations of the world.

Again congratulations to our Washington Champions for Peace for soaring high on eagles wings we dub you the ACLC Washington Youth Eagles. We love you and God, Jesus the Christ and True Parents Love you even more.

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