Unification News for August 2003

God's Blessing Flows in Seattle

by James Oberg

Another one-day seminar for clergy was held at the New Holly Neighborhood Campus on Aug. 2, 2003, Seattle, Washington. Success is beginning to take hold as the foundations made by Seattle brothers and sisters are coming to fruition. Rev. and Mrs. Hun Suk Lee, Regional Director for the Pacific Northwest, have poured their heart and soul into this region. With this seminar, the fruits of their efforts and love for God and True Parents are beginning to manifest through ministers accepting the revelation of Father Moon. Once again our powerful and loving brother in Christ and Pacific Northwest Chairman of ACLC, Dr. H.G.McGhee from New York State, came as Keynote Speaker to grace the gathering of ministers with his moving testimony of love for God and True Parents and the inspiring message, "Be Ye Therefore Perfect".

With zeal and determination to bring God's message of hope for mankind to an enraptured audience, Dr. McGhee's voice was like thunder from Heaven, shaking the very foundations of our souls. Some of those in attendance, Rev. Leroy York of Evening Star C.O.G.I.C., Rev. Donovan Rivers of Mt. Calvary of Faith Church, Rev. Debra Lajimodiere of Interfaith Community Church, Rev. William Johnson of House of Holiness Pentecostal, to name just a few, were alive with "Halleluiahs" and "Amens" from the outset of Dr. McGhee's message.

Rev. Donald Ward Sr. of Daystar Baptist Church, who struggled with the message at the time of True Mother's visit, was so inspired that he invited Dr. McGhee to preach at his church the next day. He is now very interested to study Divine Principle and to become a member of ACLC. A powerful presentation on the Essential Points of Divine Principle was given by our own Rev. Eric Sylte of Seattle. Rev. Sylte invests all his heart in bringing together key points of Divine Principle, which were well received by all. In closing, Pastor Gerhard Wiesinger, Coordinator of ACLC Pacific Northwest, challenged ministers to seek diligently God's Heart and direction to bring together the body of Christ to re-awaken the Christian Spirit and help to build the Pacific Northwest into a shining beacon of light and love for the rest of this nation.

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