Unification News for August 2003

Video Update: "Beyond The Cross: The Road To Victory In Jerusalem" Extended Version for Clergy Education

by Rev. Phillip Schanker

As promised, the video "BEYOND THE CROSS: The Road to Victory in Jerusalem," has been updated and developed for the purpose of educating ACLC clergy and testifying to new clergy about the movement to take down the cross. While the first version was made quickly, and focused upon True Parents for the May 31st celebration of the "True Day of All Things," the new version is more appropriate for clergy, and focuses upon the ACLC mission.

The new video is longer, about 20 minutes in length, and filled with educational excerpts from the Georgetown University symposium and the reconciliation conference in Jerusalem. It also contains more moving footage from the pilgrimage experience itself, as well as commentary from ACLC clergy. It is specifically designed to explain to Christian clergy the significance of taking down the cross and reconciling the children of Abraham. It should prove to be a respectable and effective witness to top Christian clergy about the heart and mission of ACLC.

The format is original quality VHS. And, for the first time, CD and DVD versions will soon be available:

VHS: $12. for one, $30. for three, $50. for five, or $7. each for ten or more copies.

Shipping is additional. Please contact Sheila Song by phone at (202) 319-3200, by fax at (202) 299-9496, or by Email at publicaffairs@familyfed.org.

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