Unification News for August 2003

ACLC Prayer Breakfast in Florida

by Rev. Gary Chidester

On Saturday July 19, we held our monthly ACLC prayer breakfast in the Florida Region.   Even though we held these kinds of meetings monthly for over three years, this was special in that it was volunteered, led by, held by our ACLC ministers.  They even brought new ministers.  In the past we had to do all of the work, and ministers just sort of "showed up".  Now they are taking responsibility, clearly inheriting more of their true position and knowingly following Father's direction. 

This was so inspiring, especially  to the central blessed families who had sacrificed all of these many years to finally see how Christianity was supposed to act in being the direct foundation for our True Parents to stand!   Rev. Byron Filus, one of the original founding 120 ACLC ministers who had gone to Korea, brought 7 new ministers himself, and held the monthly prayer breakfast in his church. and  brought 6 members of his congregation as well.  He cried as he watched the video on the pilgrimage to Israel, as he had gone with us.  He said to be with ACLC is to truly to walk in the steps with the Messiah! He has already gone through two cycles of Hoon Dok Hae of the Divine Principle, and now wants his congregation to begin. 

Pastor Yalinka Castor volunteered her church for the August prayer breakfast!

Our brother Yasuhiro Ida, who graduated from UTS, and is our team leader for northern Broward County, has two ministers who want to take their crosses down from their churches.  This Sunday, July 27, 2003, I will be going to the AME church of Rev Owens in Pembroke Pines, Florida to give the sermon, and to take down their cross.  Then we will go to  Rev Wadham's church in Pompano Beach, Florida (the Unity Church of Pompano Beach).  She is the white lady minister who came to Ocean City for this last Divine Principle Conference.  Her congregation is older, upper middle class white people.  She has also gone through two cycles of reading Hoon Dok Hae style Divine Principle. 

Rev Filus came from the sacrificial foundation of Hideko Ishida, wife of one of our fish business brothers.   The two ministers to take down their crosses is due to the efforts of Yasuhiro Ida, whose American wife, Jackie, runs our Sunday school and second generation program.  We are always grateful for our Japanese brothers and sisters, as well as our heartistic leadership of Rev Dae Hee Hong here in Florida, who gives us such a rich example of attendance to True Parents.  We are grateful for your continuous prayers and direction.

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