Unification News for August 2003

Ministers Appreciation Fishing Competition

by Rev. Bismarck Bamfo

The Ministers Appreciation Fishing Competition was held on Saturday July 19 and Monday July 21, 2003 at Gloucester, Massachusetts. Although the number of participants were not big (19 people) and even though the size of striped bass we were looking for was not met, the internal goal was successfully accomplished.

The goal of the competition was to maintain the consistency in connection with our monthly conference and to introduce "Beyond the Cross the road to Victory in Jerusalem." Most of them who did not have the opportunity to go to Israel are preparing for the next trip in September, 2003.

Moved by the spirit, after watching the above video, on Saturday July 19, Rev. John Kingara, from Worldwide Greater Mission Church, the first minister to take the cross down in our region, currently a student at UTS challenged the ministers the possibility of failing to recognize the messiah when he comes without clear understanding of Divine Principle.

On the Monday July 21, Bishop Skyers, Rev. Fakiyeshi and Rev. Father Cozier who also went to Israel in May, all testified about the trip and the vision of Rev. Moon. Bishop Skyers emphasized the role of True Parents – as one who is constantly challenging existing traditions and beliefs. Rev. Fakiyeshi confessed his past misconception about True Parents and the Unification Movement. Fr. Cozier also testified about his reality of the existence of God in his own daily life since he started associating with our movement.

Rev. Kil Hwan Kim had the opportunity to share with them about True Parents recent providential activities and the United Nations.

Rev. Jasmine who stop attending our conferences after September 18, 2002, True Mother’ Speech (The announcement of the Clouds of Witness) at the Sheraton Back Bay Hotel. It was therefore very significant that he and Rev. Joseph Brown were there to hear and learn directly from other minister about out movement.

They all returned home filled with the love and word of God. To achieve the external goal, some of them proposed that another day should be organized to catch striped bass. As a result of that proposal August 2, 003 will be the final day. It is our hope that the good Lord will bless us all with great catch. Amen!

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