Unification News for August 2003

Jesus Visits New Jersey ‘New Jerusalem’

New Jersey outreach members are praying, fasting and working very hard to respond positively to Father’s direction of exchange the cross for a crown.

It is a difficult task to convey to the pastors the idea of going beyond the cross. There are 2000 years of history to be considered and for many pastors the Cross and Christ are married, they cannot be separate, others think that without the cross there is no salvation and for some it is against all biblical principles. It is also true that for 2000 years we did not receive revelations about removing the rugged cross.

Some pastors accept Father Moon’s revelation by faith and act quickly to fulfill it.

In deciding to take down his Cross, Elder James P. Paige, founding pastor of Evangelical Reformed Baptist Family Church, prayed and cried a lot. After much deliberation and after attending two of our 4 day Divine Principle Seminars, God gave him the inspiration to go forward.

Rev. Dairo Ferrabolli, also prayed and fasted for the same purpose and set a meeting with Elder Paige to discus deeply about the providential meaning of removing the cross. On the Sunday following this meeting, and immediately following a 2 hour, powerful Divine Principle presentation to the Board of Directors, Assistant Pastor, Deacons and Congregation, the Cross came dawn. Elder Paige along with Rev. Ferrabolli and church leaders marched out of the church with the Cross. They then exchanged the "Old Rugged Cross" for a Crown and re-entered the church, presenting the Crown to God, Jesus and the congregation.

Following a short talk by Rev. Ferrabolli , 3 of our Japanese missionary sisters saw a bright red and orange light behind Elder Paige. Mrs. Emiko Kataoka, one of the three who saw this light, also saw Jesus standing behind Elder Paige. Just prior to this experience, Jesus came to Mrs. Kataoka and she felt heat in her body and after that, her irregular heart beat and palpitations were miraculously healed. She had struggled to accomplish her work suffering with daily fatigue and weakness. After Jesus’ healing, she is filled with the Holy Spirit and has much energy to work for God

One new couple attending the service decided to become members based on this inspirational experience. This work could not have happened without the pioneering work of our Blessed Central Families. Mrs. Kathy Sato and Mrs. Misayo Bien have loved and served Elder Paige for more than 2 years. This victory is a testimony to the value of True Father’s one family, one church program.

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