Unification News for August 2003

Los Angeles ACLC Monthly Prayer Breakfast a Victory

by Rev. Timothy L. Henning

Saturday, July 26th at the McCarty Memorial Church (Disciples of Christ), Los Angeles, the first ACLC monthly breakfast held at a church was a big success. The atmosphere was full of excitement as volunteers had cooked-up a wonderful breakfast and the ACLC Choir and the Unity Singers warmed-up for their performance.

The program started with readings from the Bible, Koran and the Founders Address at the WCSF; all highlighted by PowerPoint slideshows in the background. 120 guests sat down to breakfast with 30 members and staff and over seventy churches and ministries were represented. Following a sumptuous meal, the video "Beyond the Cross: the Road to Victory in Jerusalem" was shown. It was interrupted by cheers and applause when the Rabbi, Imam and Archbishop embraced.

Dr. W. E. Manley testified to the power of love in the ministry of the True Parents as witnessed at the American Leadership Initiative Conference in Washington DC. His powerful testimony of personal transformation set the pace for the speakers. He was followed by Imam Haitham Bundakji of Orange County who reflected on Rev. Moon as a man of "guts" to stand in the middle of conflict and mediate peace.

His memories of the MEPI conference also stressed crossing barriers of heart to love those who had until then been regarded as enemies. Rev. Williams of Greater Victory Baptist Church brought the theme "a ministry of reconciliation" from 2 Corinthians 5:18 home with a testimony of how the love of Christ manifested at the MEPI Conference and how we can live it at home. The keynote address by Rev. William shared about True Parentsí vision to reconcile the sons of Abraham and how the effort of Rev. and Mrs. Moon over the past forty years have provided a foundation for world peace to be realized.

The combined effect of several speakers with enthusiastic testimonies and the excellent video presentation and musical performances made a great impact on those who attended. The president of the Board of Trustees for the hosting church said he was truly impressed and inspired to work with ACLC to bring revival to Los Angeles. His wife volunteered to join the ACLC Choir. Mr. Barry Fasman, writer and producer for the Broadway musical FAME, has a Jewish heritage and said he was glad to be a part of it. He finds the spirit of God in this work and the same vision that lead him to organize the Unity Singers. Mr. Jeffery Miles, an organizer of the "Love LA Gospel Festival" at the Coliseum, August 30th, said he had no idea how Rev. Moon had been doing such a great work to bring Christians together beyond race and denomination and unite world religions. "This changes my whole view of Rev. Moon", he said. Imam Haitham Bundakji said he was truly proud of what Rev. Moon has achieved in the Name of God for world peace. Rev. R. W. Taylor of Opportunity Baptist Church said he is excited to host the next monthly prayer breakfast on August 23rd. "I believe our facility was designed for this very purpose," he said.

I want to thank all the volunteers who prayed for this event and worked so hard in outreach and service work to make it a success. The presence of the Holy Spirit was evident as those who attended were inspired and the speakers were moved to refer to Rev. and Mrs. Moon as "Our True Parents". I pray this kind of development will encourage True Parents to visit LA.

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