Unification News for July 2003

New Black Belts in Japan

by Ken Saito

The Third Tong Il Moo Do Martial Arts Workshop was held at Atami and Izu in Shizuoka, Japan, for a week from Feb. 10th, 2003. Eleven students had attended and some masters came to help them from Korea, Philippine, and USA. They had practiced for three hours in the morning, for two and half-hours in the afternoon, and kicked target for thirty minutes in the evening.

A junior high school baseball club was practicing beside the hall where Tong Il Moo Do was practicing. The day before a Promotion Test, a director of the baseball club asked to see the training of Tong Il Moo Do. The participants prepared a demonstration immediately, and showed it about 20 minutes in front of the baseball club members including the director and their mothers. Master Hoshiko introduced the Unification Movement before the demonstration, and explained the contents of four-position-foundation and three blessing during the demonstration. All the baseball club members were pleased and moved.

In the last day the participants took their promotion tests. Two of them got black belts and one of them a semi-black belt. According to their reflections, some participants felt that Tong Il Moo Do is establishing the strong style integrating various kinds of skill. Others were moved at how Tong Il Moo Do naturally explains the Principle, and its basic idea is "Living for the sake of others".

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