Unification News for July 2003

Women’s Federation in the Congo

by Ms. Marie Jeanne Balungila

The year 2002 was essentially focused on the re-definition of our responsibility and goals during the 2nd Decade of Education.

The goals of DR Congo WFWP Chapter for that year were:

• To promote WFWP and let the movement be known and recognized by the officials of the state

• To get the work of WFWP recognized by those officials for our work in the provinces.

These two goals were successfully attained and six major activities allowed us to become one of the most frequently consulted NGOs by the Family and Social Affairs Ministry.

The year 2003 is defined with the special motto, "Women, Peace and the Culture of Heart," and has as its major goals:

• To extend and partner our activities in collaboration with other local and national NGOs

• To extend and expand our national activities in the provinces.

• To explain the WFWP founding vision of peace to women who are in responsible positions on the national level and who work in the government ministries.

We hope to accomplish our goals this year and expand the work of WFWP, DR Congo.

Ms. Balungila is WFWP, Secretary General, Kinshasa, DR Congo.

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