Unification News for July 2003

With True Parents on Opening Day

Michael Jenkins

Hoon dok hae was very special the morning of July 11 at Hannam dong. Only 8 leaders were there. Mrs. Won Jun McDevitt read True Fatherís keynote address for the opening of the WCSF. Then Rev. Peter Kim read it in English. Through this True Father was practicing for his speech.

Religious leaders and religious youth must take central leadership towards a world of peace. They must cooperate with political leaders and bring the blessing to every nation. Peace must be achieved through the blessing of marriage, and the intermarriage of different religions, races and cultures. Especially representatives of enemy countries should be blessed together. This is the key that will finally reconcile all humanity. Father clearly calls for the Inter-religious Council to be formed worldwide to advise the UN.

After the speech was read, everyone was so moved at the profound heart that Father was conveying to world leaders. As Rev. Peter Kim mentioned to me later, Father is stating and proclaiming exactly what he wants, very straight and very direct. We can truly see that since the coronation of True Parents on Feb. 6, Father is the king and the world is coming together through his love and direction. Father looks better than ever. Heís tanned, healthy looking, with good color. His face is full and radiant. Mother looks very beautiful.

Finally, the return of True Parents to the Fatherland that was initiated at the end of 2002 with the Cheon Il Guk blessing has taken place. Through Fatherís overcoming his trial in March, April and May, he was able to return to the Fatherland. Father has now achieved a completely new level of victory. This is the basis for the reconciling of all enemies at this time and the forgiveness of all people so that we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Father is on the eternal throne of God and at maximum power. If Father gets excited, he has no lack of energy to go for even 7, 10, or 12 hours. Itís our responsibility now to embody True Parentsí heart, spirit and words so we can fulfill our responsibility and liberate True Parents by healing humanity. If we fulfill our responsibility to liberate God and True Parents by healing humanity, we can lighten the burden on our True Parents and hasten the expansion of CIG.

We attended breakfast with True Parents. Rev. Im, Rev. Sa (the former continental director of Europe, now president of Segye Ilbo), and several others attended with Rev. Peter Kim, Dr. Yang and I. Somehow, though I had much to share from the recent American Leadership Initiative, the 4-day Divine Principle workshop for Christians, Jews, and Muslims, the Middle East Peace Initiative, and the clergy blessing on July 5th, I felt I should quietly attend True Parents. Dr. Yang was able to give extensive reports the night before so I was confident Father was briefed in detail.

Fatherís heart is so rich. Omanim kept appearing and encouraging Abonim to get ready for the trip to the stadium in Asan. Because of traffic the trip would take 1.5 hours and it was already 7:40. Father was to speak at 10 a.m. and he was still guiding us dressed in a red Izod cardigan and light-colored pants. Mother then appeared again dressed in a most beautiful white dress suit with silver trim and sequins, ready to greet the world leaders. Father said, okay, and went on to make one more final point to the leaders gathered.

Suddenly Father got up from the table, and stuck out his closed hand, palm down and waved for me to come over. Father motioned for me to open my hands and then he opened his hand and gave me two chestnuts and five raisins. I felt only one thing -- Father loves America and heís counting on us to fulfill our responsibility. Because blessed couples in America are rising up, uniting with the regional directors and their leaders, Father could express such love. Father loves America and he longs for us to become the nation and blessed central families God knows we can be.

As I received this gift of love for America, I prayed in my heart that I can sacrifice more to hasten the day of the full realization of Godís kingdom. I responded to Father, kam-sa-ham-nida, Abonim, from America. True Parents have created an ongoing revolution in America at this time. Kam-sa-ham-nida. I have to say from my heart that the new development with Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo as a united trinity guiding our work, and the unity all of the leaders and organizations in America is creating a new level of relationship between Father and America. Let us please sacrifice ourselves to unite. I sincerely thank Dr. Yang for the way heís able to report to Father all the details that we share with him, from the smallest testimony of the personal victories of members, to the victories with clergy and on Capitol Hill. He presents it all to Father.

At this point Father left. To my surprise, Father and Mother were already at the door going to the car. We drove from Seoul to the WCSF. Father gave the opening address at 10:00 a.m. at the stadium in Asan. Also in procession participants representing Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Confucianism, Sikhism, and all major religions marched onto the main floor of the stadium. The stadium was absolutely packed with people, including especially 400 world leaders brought by the IIFWP, from all nations and cultures and major religions.

Archbishop Stallings gave the invocation, and that was another special moment in history. He began by saying, "Oh, God, the creator of all life, the author of the purpose of creation, we are grateful that you have given us the True Parents of humanity who stand as the messiah, the second coming, the Lord of the Second Advent, and the King of Kings." The prayer went on beautifully. To Archbishop Stallingsí surprise, many of the IIFWP delegates later came and told him it was the best prayer theyíd ever heard. Especially surprising was the number of Christians that came forward. Truly Heaven is pouring out upon the earth at this time, and proclaiming True Parentsí messiahship is becoming so natural that presidents, kings, queens, world religious leaders have become comfortable with it. As we continue to proclaim it and express True Parentsí principle of living for the sake of others, then world leaders feel new understanding and they begin to proclaim it themselves.

Two young people representing the athletes came forward and recited the pledge of the athletes, and offered this pledge to Hyun Jin nim. Pres. Carazo gave a welcome address. Rev. Kwak gave a special address, and True Father delivered his message with boldness, love, and tremendous power. Father stuck with the text this time. The content was so deep and powerful. Three giant digital screens allowed everyone in the stadium to see everything on the stage.

Fatherís message conveyed the need for the holy blessing of marriage as the path to peace, and that the Inter-religious Council must now be established at the United Nations.

He called on all delegates there to understand this is the hour of the substantiation of the Kingdom of God on earth.

The program concluded with six different performances, bringing in the beauty of the cultures of the world, including a Korean marching band, Korean folk dance, Japanese folk dance, and entertainment from all over the world. It was truly a grand opening to the Inter-Religious Peace Sports Festival and the WCSF.

Fatherís next major concern for America is that we fulfill our responsibility to bring young students to the Lasting Love Conference in Korea on August 1. This is another historic and providential event. Let us bind our hearts together as one and go forward with absolute faith, love and obedience.

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