Unification News for July 2003

World Culture and Sports Festival Opening Ceremony

A highlight of the WCSF is the Interreligious Peace Sports Festival (IPSF), in which athletes representing various religions meet in friendly competition and a spirit of unity transcending their religious differences, thus planting the seed of peace. Last July 10, 2003 marked this significant event. It was held at the Yu Gwan Sun Arena, in Chugnnam City, Korea. IPSF is one to be the first in the history of sports initiated and guided by the founder of WCSF, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon in their noble quest for true and lasting peace.

The chairman of the WCSF, Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak, gave the main address. This event was attended by significant guests namely, the Governor of Chungnam Province, Mr. Dae Pyung Shim, the Former President of Costa Rica, H.E. Rodrigo Carazo, and many other foreign dignitaries.

In the founderís keynote address, Rev. Moon said that God places his hope in young university students. The youth must understand this point correctly. God does not like free sex; many young people are being misled by the movies, music, and many bad publications present in the society. Therefore he encourages young people to have mind and body united in this cause of establishing the true ideal of peace, which is beyond religions and nationality. Young people need character and wisdom to achieve this and thus must practice true love. Young people, being the central figures of IPSF, will establish the hope of humanity as the seeds of peace. Youth organizations such as World CARP will bring a chance for new personal resolutions and inspiration to bring substantial peace and an ideal world. After his speech Rev. Moon received a resounding applause from the audience and all the participants together shouted cheers of victory!

World CARP President, Hyun Jin Moon, received the Oath of Athletes, handed over by two representative athletes, Il Jae Kim and Akina Nakagawa.

In his congratulatory remark, the Governor of Chungnam Province, Mr. Shim, said that we are now entering the global village where the world is becoming one family. As we try to realize we are all brothers and sisters, we must have true friendship and noble love. He is deeply moved by this cause of WCSF centering on IPSF, the sacrifice and service it brings and the sight of the participants and membersí unity and peace efforts.

The former president of Costa Rica also spoke. He said, "This is a good example of living together, working together, and building efforts to achieving peace. Achieving peace is a personal and permanent responsibility that should come from within. When you come and participate in this event, you are making peace."

During the second half of the program were outstanding performances by the Colors of Love. They are four young girls coming from four different races and nationalities ? Korea, Japan, America, and Europe. They sang two of songs entitled, "Come to me" and "Peace in the Hearts of Men."

Other performances were the Aewon Girls Marching Band, a Korean traditional dance of "Mugunghwa" (Koreaís national flower the Rose of Sharon), and a Japanese traditional dance "Hanagasa Ondo".

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