Unification News for July 2003

In Memoriam Carol Ann King

Carol Ann King departed from the physical world and ascended into the spirit world on July 12, 2003, ready to see her Father God and to reunite with her only child, Jeddie, Jr. She married Jeddie King, Sr. in January of 1965. They later became proud grandparents to Jeddie III, who currently resides with his mother in New York.

In 1975, Carol and her husband joined the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. She attended God and True Parents with unshakable Faith in the providence. She served in the local church of Queens, New York and the headquarters church in New York City until 1992. She then relocated to Kissimmee, Florida with her partner in both marriage and ministry to do Tribal Messiah mission. Together, they established a church center on Central Avenue in her new hometown. Soon thereafter, the couple was appointed Orlando City Leaders for the Family Federation.

Never ceasing from developing ideas about how to invest herself for Godís providence, Carol faithfully fulfilled many Conditions. Among them: Living Offering Fund; Jardim, Brazil 40-Day Condition; Cheong Pyung Forty Days; Twenty-One Days; and Kodan Fund.

Her loyalty in love moved her from the point of desire to the actual fulfillment of her responsibilities to God and True Parents.

Despite her very strong independent nature, Carol cherished her relationships with the family members, friends, and her spiritual children. In fact, she was very protective of her close ties to a multitude of people.

Besides her devoted husband and precious grandson, the former Carol Ann Webb leaves to mourn four brothers, (Ira, Thoedore, Aaron, and Eugene); three sisters, (Rose, Louise, and Sonya); and a host of other relatives and dear friends.

She was born to the late Ira and Katherine Webb in Bronx, New York on February 19, 1944.

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