Unification News for July 2003

Preparations for W-CARPís 3rd International Education Conference

By Sharleen Estiandan-Umejima

The Pre-Conference Workshop was held at the Main Building of Sun Moon University in Seoul on July 9th. Participants were chapter presidents, vice presidents, headquarters staff, and regional leaders of W-CARP chapters around the world.

There are four topics to choose from among which one is entitled, "Leadership as the Driver of Cultural Alignment." Newly appointed Vice President of Leadership Development of W-CARP, Mr. Hiroyuki Tosaka, gave this presentation. Its significance is that here one can understand or have a wider view on how leadership drives cultural alignment based on the vision of our W-CARP President, Hyun Jin Moon.

In addition, the presenterís successful experience of the value of cultural alignment made the session significant. Mr. Tosaka spoke on how he could breakthrough in education and witnessing development in Russia. According to him, the substantiation of the ideal culture starts from leadership, that is, how much they could align with the vision and mission of W-CARP through the core values. CARP centers are the battleground in substantiating the ideal culture, as culture is something that one can see and feel. In this sense, it is critical for every CARP center to be that school of building this ideal culture. The drivers who will lead this ideal culture are the leaders, and this is where they will play a vital role.

On the other hand, this topic is best learned from the one who first clearly laid out this vision of W-CARP, our President, Hyun Jin Moon. Therefore, Mr. Kenneth Bates, the senior advisor for W-CARP, shared some of his real life experiences that he had with our W-CARP President.

Mr. Bates started out by asking questions like, "When you came here, how many of you set your goals? How can you grow out of this workshop?" He said that President Moon always says that how one learns is through experience. Learning requires experience. The attitude in receiving cognitive understanding is by asking oneself questions and putting oneself in a desperate situation to learn.

Mr. Bates further encouraged us to recognize the value of how we can grow in every situation. These are the essential points that Mr. Bates learned from our President. Through this sharing, Mr. Bates helped the participants to have a deeper motivation and conviction about why they have to attend this 3rd International Education Conference (IEC).

Other topics during the pre-conference workshop were "Leadership-Driven Witnessing: Getting a Grip on Results" by Kazushi Mito, Vice President of Membership and Outreach, "Practical Approaches to the Restoration of the Fatherland" by Baeksan Kim, Director of the Unification Department in W-CARP, and "Service For Peace on Campus" by Akiko Ikeno, International Field Coordinator of Service for Peace.

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