Unification News for July 2003

American Leadership Initiative Conference in DC

by Rev. Michael Jenkins

We are pleased to report that the American Leadership Initiative was launched successfully in Washington D.C. on June 2225. Two hundred Ambassadors for Peace representing all 50 states came together for a national conference on the American Leadership Initiative: The World at a Turning Point: The Role and Responsibility of America in A Changing World. The Conference represented the launch of an historic coming together of all the divergent organizations and professions within that were founded by our True Parents. Co-Sponsored by the American Freedom Coalition, the American Clergy Leadership Conference, the Washington Times Foundation, the United Press International Foundation the effort worked through a "Council of Affiliated Organizations" which includes, the World Media Association, FFWPU, WFWP, CARP, SFP and the Summit Council for World Peace.

The Chairman of this educational effort is Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak. The Vice Chairman are Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Mr. Douglas M. Joo. The Steering Committee is Co-Chaired by Dr. Thomas Walsh and Rev. Michael Jenkins.

The IIFWP, through the American Leadership Initiative has received the support of the 200 Ambassadors for Peace of its proposal for an Interreligious Council as an advisory body for heads of state and parliaments throughout the world as well as the UN. The Interreligious Council is functioning in an Ad Hoc developmental stage in the U.S. primarily through the American Clergy Leadership Conference which has Christian, Jewish and Muslim clerics as the body of it 14,000 religious leader membership.

Congressman Davis was inspired by the ACLC and their work with IIFWP in Israel. Many Jewish leaders are feeling that the ACLC "Take Down the Cross Movement" and effort to repent and reconcile is genuine. One Jewish leader expressed that this the "First ray of light in 2,000 years !!" This movement is touching the heart of Jewish pain with a an experiential vision of the cooperation between Muslim, Christians and Jews in an advisory relations to the political leaders concerning Freedom, Faith and Family. The IIFWP Chairman Rev. Gi and the IIFWP Pres. and VP Rev. Abe and Hod Ben Zwi are to be commended for the effort they made that allowed the Rabbis and others not only to embrace the Christians in Israel but once again in Washington D.C. at the Middle East Peace Initiative. The impact has been enormous.

The Ambassadors for Peace are focused on three key areas: 1. Living for the sake of others, 2. Transcending religious and racial barriers and 3. Strengthening marriage and family as the basis for a healthy moral and peaceful society.

Led by Congressman Davis and many other key Congressional leaders Co-Chaired with Congressman Weldon the American Leadership Initiative banquet attracted over 80 key congressmen from the U.S. and celebrated Excellence in Leadership for the Ambassadors for Peace. Over 120 Congressional Offices were represented. Congressman Davis at the end praised the courage and vision of the founders of the Ambassadors For Peace: Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon.

Congressman Davis who serves as Co-Chairman of the IIFWP USA earlier that week took action in the Congressional Record and is encouraging all Ambassadors for Peace to take similar action as well as his counterparts in the parliaments of the world. Lift up the Interreligious Councils and the advisory body will provide insight and understanding to heal not only the Middle East but the religious tensions that now exist worldwide in the Post 9/11 Era. These tensions can be alleviated. The Ambassadors for Peace have the power.

Resolutions from the parliaments of the world should pour down like a rushing mighty stream because there has never been a time when the sensitivities of religious views and understanding must be understood and respected for there to be lasting peace in any region of the world.

May God bless and strengthen you as the Religious leaders join hands with those who are seeking peace as heads of state and leaders of different fields come together with the Interreligious Council.

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